Woman Finds Out Her Stepdad Is Cheating After His Girlfriend's Posts Show Up In Her Feed — And That Was Just The Beginning Of His Secrets

If you're being this open about infidelity on social media, you're trying to be caught.

Screenshots from TikTok about woman's stepfather being caught cheating on social media TikTok

Most of the time, discretion is an integral part of infidelity. But some people are so sloppy in their cheating that you have to wonder if they're trying to get caught.

Such was the case with a woman on TikTok who discovered her stepfather's cheating — not to mention several other secrets — in the most easily avoidable way possible.

A woman's stepdad was caught cheating on social media after his girlfriend's posts showed up on her page.

TikToker Addi McCroskey's mom has been married to her stepfather since she was eight years old, so he's been a father figure to her for most of her life.


So imagine the shock she felt when certain social media posts revealed that her stepdad is a completely different person than who he thought he was.

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Social media posts from her stepdad's mistress appeared in the TikToker's 'For You Page' feed.

Addi wasn't even looking for evidence of her stepfather's cheating — in fact, it doesn't even seem to have been on her or her mother's radar. But the social media gods had other plans. "I was scrolling on TikTok yesterday, and on my 'For You Page,' I found out that my stepdad has a girlfriend," she said in her video. "Yeah, like stepdad, as in he's married to my mom, has a girlfriend."


She then showed screenshots of the posts that came through her feed from her stepfather's other partner. Not only did the posts show both her stepfather's and his girlfriend's faces, but both of their screennames were clearly visible, leaving no question as to whether Addi was actually seeing what she thought she was seeing. 

She went on to say that her stepfather had been "missing for the past six weeks," having said he was away for work, but she now realizes he was with his mistress. She confronted the mistress in the comments on her TikTok post, but the mistress kept deleting the comments. Then, both her stepfather and his girlfriend blocked her.

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After he was caught cheating on social media, the TikToker and her mom discovered her stepfather is also a felon who faked his military service.

Cheating was only the tip of the iceberg, it turns out. "We did some digging after we saw the TikTok," Addi said, and what she and her mom discovered was nothing short of shocking. "We also found out he's a felon," she said. "He has three felonies." They also discovered that his girlfriend had small children she homeschools. "So he's been around her kids with multiple felonies," Addi said.


In a follow-up video, Addi specified that she didn't wish to "bash felons" and understands that a criminal record isn't necessarily the measure of a person. But in her stepfather's case, his felonies were all "violent" crimes. Even so, it is the dishonesty that offends her most. "It wasn't so much the felonies in general, it was the fact that he hid it from us for eleven years," she said. 



The background check they pulled on her stepfather after he was caught cheating on social media revealed even more lies — like that her stepfather had been in the military. "We can't find any evidence of him being in the military," Addi said, which is shocking, considering that, "he told everybody in my family and everybody we ever met on vacation or anything that he was a Navy Seal." 

Stolen valor is itself a crime. Between that, the fact that he's also a violent felon and a cheater? You kind of have to wonder what this guy was doing on social media in the first place with so much to hide.


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People online could not believe how brazen the woman's stepfather has been about his lies.

Many people could not help but feel that this whole thing was done deliberately. "The girlfriend definitely did this on purpose," one TikToker commented. "She knows how to keep the secret if they have been doing this a while."

It's hard to draw any other conclusion, but the pair seem to have reconsidered after going viral — several commenters reported searching for Addi's stepdad and his girlfriend's accounts and coming up empty-handed. "They did the dirty delete!" a commenter wrote.

Addi also said that her stepfather reneged on his promise to help her pay for college, "so we get to come up with my tuition within the next three weeks." As if that weren't bad enough, he also sent his son in his stead to Addi's sister's wedding amid all the fallout from his being caught cheating on social media. 


Given this sordid tale, Addi couldn't help but be blunt about how it's left her feeling about men. "All men are s--t," she said, "especially" her stepfather. Her mom, she says, is doing well given the circumstances, and commenters on TikTok feel she's better off without him.

One woman wrote, "The trash taking itself out. They deserve each other and your mom deserves way better!!" Addi definitely agrees. Addressing her stepdad with a photo of her mom in one of her TikToks, she said, "Here's a picture of my hot-a–- mom. So take that, Jed."

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