A Groom Can't Understand Why His Groomsmen Quit After He Asked For Two Vegas Bachelor Parties To Cheat On His Fiancée—'Am I Really Wrong For This?'

He says his fiancée would dump him if she found out, but he still sees nothing wrong with it.

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The Vegas bachelor party has been a pre-wedding tradition for years, and bachelor parties have a reputation for debauchery—after all, how many movies have there been about cheating at a bachelor party? 

One guy on Reddit decided to really lean into that perception and tried to take his plans to the most cliché extreme possible—and is now shocked to his core that he's been labeled a "groomzilla" and his groomsman have all refused to participate.


A guy's groomsmen have refused his request to fly to Vegas twice for two separate bachelor parties. 

That alone is asking a lot—and far, far too much by most people's standards. Two plane tickets, two weekends away from home, two hotel stays—who does this guy think he is? But that was only half of what made his groomsman balk.

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The groom wanted two bachelor parties so he could attend two 'once-in-a-lifetime events' in Las Vegas.

"I want to do my bachelor party in Vegas, in fact, I always have," he writes. But when it came time to do so, he found himself in a pickle—the two things he wants to do to celebrate his impending marriage are on two opposing weekends—"the weekend of Memorial Day (Steve Aoki at wet republic) and the weekend after (special once in a lifetime event)."


Most of us would either pick one or the other or just stay in Vegas for an entire week, but that wouldn't work for this groom. "I have to work in between," he writes, "[so] I figured my friends would be cool flying out twice. After all, it’s Vegas, who wouldn’t love that?"

But he majorly miscalculated his friends' interest in Vegas. "When I asked, 10 out of 10 said I was being overly demanding and I needed to pick one event," he writes. "Six of them said it was a lot to ask to travel period, and two said their kids and wives were more important [than] Steve Aoki on Memorial Day." Hard to fault them there. But that was only part of the story.

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The groom later revealed that the 'once-in-a-lifetime event' was cheating on his fiancée with his favorite adult star on OnlyFans.

At first blush, the groom's demands seemed merely self-absorbed. But when pushed by his fellow Redditors, he came out with a whole other side of the story he'd cleverly omitted—the second weekend's festivities were all about going to a meet-and-greet with his favorite porn model. Whom, he claims, personally reached out to him on OnlyFans to invite him to her event.


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"Once in a lifetime event" is a very interesting way to describe cheating at a bachelor party, of course, but when pressed by his fellow Redditors, the groom insisted there was nothing wrong with his plans, because he "just want[s] to meet her in real life, that's it," and "can't pass up the opportunity to meet her." Pressed further, he revealed he had more than that planned, however, like private lap dances at a strip club with both her and her colleagues. 


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Still, he maintains that what he's doing is not cheating—and many people would agree with him, of course.

People have different definitions of what constitutes infidelity, and a lap dance isn't sex, after all. But when someone asked him if his fiancée would be okay with all this, he didn't even try to hide the truth, writing that "she'd break off the wedding immediately" if she even knew he was subscribed to her OnlyFans, let alone that he was getting lap dances from her. 

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The groom's friends not only refused to go to his bachelor party but they dropped out of his wedding altogether, and he feels totally betrayed.

The groom may be lacking scruples, but in the end, his friends weren't. "[They are] all my long-term friends from high school and college," he writes, "so these are guys who I thought were my literal ride or dies but now it seems like something as simple as my bachelor party is going to break up the friend group."


He thought wrong. When he explained that "doing stuff for friends is part of the pact we make—"doing stuff" in this case being facilitating him cheating at a bachelor party and spending thousands of dollars to do it—his friends bailed on the whole thing. "Just now I received 8 responses that range from 'just stop' to 'I’m out of the bridal party dude, I don’t need to be guilted into a trip I don’t want to so anyways,'" he writes.

Truly, this guy seems to be the ne plus ultra of clueless. As another Redditor revealed, before his original post was deleted he also complained that his friends "don’t want to pay for him twice even though he chipped in for their bachelor parties," which were a baseball game and a trip to Six Flags in the same state they all live in. And, you know, didn't require him to help them cheat on their future wives. 

In the end, a Reddit sleuth found the guy on LinkedIn and found his fiancée too, and alerted her to the situation. Before he deleted it, he added an addendum to his original Reddit post which read, "I had to delete my LinkedIn, thanks for f—ng up my entire life." Pretty sure you did that all by yourself, sir.


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