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On Their Wedding Day, A Groom Tells His Bride The 2 Things Required To Keep Him Happy — 'She Should Run'

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Wedding vows are meant to be encouraging promises your future spouse delivers to you on your big day and something you will remember forever.

One bride, and all of her horrified wedding guests, certainly will remember her groom’s vows for a lifetime — for all the wrong reasons. 

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The groom told his bride he required only two things to make him happy — his ‘belly full’ and his ‘balls empty.’ 

The wedding vows that are spreading like wildfire across the Internet were captured by wedding videographer, Jonathan Pajek in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 18 million times in just six days.

Pajek claims that he should have known what the man’s grotesque vows would have been like after he answered, “I hope we have a lot of sex. A LOT,” after Pajek asked him before the ceremony if there was anything he wanted to say to his future wife. His vows were in a similar manner but took it about 10 steps further. 

Before reading his vows aloud, the groom warns his bride that she is “screwed” as he goes on to tell her that he only requires two things to keep him happy: his “belly full” and his “balls empty.”

After the words are utter, the guests — and seemingly everyone on TikTok — gasped in horror. But the groom doesn’t stop there, telling his future wife that although she is amazing at “half of it” she could benefit from cooking lessons. 

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His provocative jokes don’t end there. “Since the beginning, I was always told that life gets even better when the kids fall asleep and you tell me to come into the bedroom. Nothing is better than the sound of gagging and headboard slamming,” he says, while the officiant reprimands him.

“Since you’re so good at making decisions like marrying me, you can choose whether tonight is gonna end with you being a toaster strudel or a twinkie,” he continues, despite the officiant’s warning and more uncomfortable laughter from the crowd. 

As if the ceremony could not get any stranger, the officiant then reveals that she is the groom’s mother and she promises to deal with her son later and that he is grounded. 

TikTok users were horrified by the groom’s vows. 

“Seriously, in front of her entire family?” one user commented. “That’s only so sad because he only talked about physical aspects, and not that he loved her or anything like that,” another user pointed out.  

“I could not even FATHOM my future person diminishing me in that way. Like not one single thing about who she is was said. It’s disheartening,” another wrote.  

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The bride came to her groom's defense. 

The bride herself, however, felt differently. Destiny Lentini commented under the viral video to put viewers at ease. “No, this isn’t a red flag. We have been together 10 years and decided to get married right before our tenth year,” she shared. She even posted a follow-up video explaining that their wedding vows gave them a chance to express their personalities, a quality that she loves about her now husband, Micheal. 



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“I loved his vows, I loved my vows, I loved our wedding day,” Destiny says. “His vows showed a piece of his personality which is the humor side and that is definitely Micheal.” She reveals that she is the opposite, and not as outspoken as her husband which is why they mesh so well together.

The couple met in 2010 and according to Destiny, Micheal’s personality has always remained the same, and she knew the kind of person she would one day be marrying. 

She also addresses the negative comments surrounding her husband’s vows and promises people that she is happy in her relationship and that nothing will ever change that. She claims that because of Micheal’s humor, there is never a dull moment in her relationship. 

Additionally, the wedding videographer posted a video of Destiny’s own vows, which were drastically different from her husband’s and had her guests tearing up with emotion rather than laughter. 

“You have completely stolen my heart and I honestly never want you to give it back,” she says. “You are literally making the fairytale that I always dreamed of come true. Maybe a little more, even funnier than I imagined!” 

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As long as the bride and groom are happy, we wish them a lifetime of memorable adventures! Although, some of them should probably be kept private. 

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