Five Signs Your Husband Is Unhappy


Your husband could be unhappy and you don't even know it.

We all want our guys to be happy, right? Sometimes we just don’t know what that is though. We try and try but sometimes it’s like stabbing in the dark.

To write this article, I turned to the expert, my husband. I wanted to know once and for all – what it is that makes men unhappy?

There’s only five listed here, and not all of these make him unhappy, of course, but he said that these are the major ones that he thinks makes most men upset. It brought up a great discussion between my husband and I, so why not sit on the couch with your hubby and talk about these with him?

I’ve also included some tips on how to solve these relationship problems to help you out!

#1 Spends More Time Away from You

You gravitate towards people and things that make you the most happy. When your husband chooses to spend more time with his friends, working on his car, or doing some other activity than with you, it might signal that he is unhappy with you for some reason. He may be upset with you for some reason and isn’t talking to you about it because he doesn’t want to deal with the argument that will result from it.

What to do:

Approach him to ask him what’s up. He may tell you nothing is wrong at first. Don’t push him but instead give him a peck on the cheek, smile, give him a squeeze on the arm and tell him that you are around if he wants to talk about it. Let him also know that if he wants to talk about it that you will try not to get upset if it’s something that he believes you will become upset about.

#2 You Reject Sex More Than You Accept It

You may have a good reason to reject it but if it seems like you are saying no all the time, you husband may start to feel unattractive and that can make him unhappy.

What to do:

When you reject sex, you can tell him that you can’t have it right then but at a later time. That way, you aren’t completely rejecting him. You can also initiate it sometimes. That will give him a super ego boost and make him feel much better.

#3 You Control His Spending

Men can be like kids in a candy store with their hobbies. If you pull on the reigns too much they can quickly go into deep sadness and tantrums. If it’s long enough, they can start to resent you and the marriage.

What to do:

Discuss what he wants to buy. Talk about how it’s possible to make it happen. If that means he has to find a second job, or that you have to budget to make it happen, then that might have to be a possibility. Marriage is a partnership. Just think, what if you were told you couldn’t have something you really wanted?

#4 Feels Invaluable in the Home

It can be difficult for men to work all day, come home and then be a part of all the business that goes on in the household. Sometimes when the woman of the house makes all of the decisions, the man can feel left out and feel like just a monetary provider. It’s important to include your husband in the household decisions being made surrounding the finances, children, and other important matters. You can leave all the minor decisions out, such as what type of laundry detergent you should buy.

What to do:

Set time aside to talk about important matters with your husband. Tell him that you value his input and would like to know how he feels about it so you both can come up with a decision together.

#5 Not Enough Attention from Wife

After the children come along, women usually feel as though the children need more care than their husbands do. They feel that their husbands can take care of themselves because their grown just like they are and well, the children are… children.

The truth is that men feel as though they are forgotten about. They used to be the one that got all the attention in the home and now the kids are first. They hardly get a “HI” now. This can make a husband feel unimportant and unhappy.

What to do:

Take care of your children and then bring your husband in with you. Start showing him more attention; give him those surprise hugs, kisses, and gentle touches you used to do. Set up a babysitter after the kids are in bed and go out together. Give your husband that wife he used to have before she became a mom. You don’t have to stop being a mom – just turn and be your husband’s wife too.