Woman Had A 'Shotgun' Wedding With Her High School Boyfriend While 6 Months Pregnant But He Was Not The Baby's Father

Love always prevails.

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A woman is revealing the unexpected way she achieved her happily ever after when she got pregnant and had to deal with the possibility of being a single mother.

Through TikTok videos, she dished out the story of the unconventional way she and her high school boyfriend became a family.



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The woman had a ‘shotgun’ wedding when she was 6 months pregnant to her high school boyfriend. 

The term “shotgun wedding” is used to describe a wedding ceremony that takes place hastily, often under duress or in an unexpected or unplanned manner, due to an unplanned pregnancy. While the term originated from a time when such marriages were sometimes forced, today, it is used more commonly in a light-hearted way to describe any wedding that is arranged quickly.

This is exactly how TikToker and ER nurse Jordan Hales describes her own wedding, even though she argues that she and her now husband married fast purely out of love and not due to the fact that she was six months pregnant at the time. In fact, Hales was pregnant before she and her high school boyfriend even reconnected. 


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Her high school boyfriend was not the baby’s father. 

Although she never specified the identity of her baby’s biological father, Hales revealed that she was wondering how she would raise a child alone. When she was halfway through her pregnancy, her ex-boyfriend, whom she dated in high school reached out to her and asked her out on a date. 

And thankfully it must have gone extremely well, as the pair were engaged just one month later. In a now-deleted TikTok video, Hales shared photos of herself showing off her engagement ring, her wedding pictures displaying herself in a white dress with an adorable baby bump, and photos of the birth of her baby boy with her husband by her side. 

The last photo depicts Hales, her husband, and her son all grouped together as one happy family. 


TikTok viewers loved Hales’ extraordinary love story and how her family came to be. “He was meant to be the baby’s dad,” one user commented. “This is just proof that if he wanted to, he would!” another user wrote. “My mom started dating her ex-high school boyfriend at eight months pregnant. They have been married 48 years,” another user shared. 

As for why Hales and her boyfriend initially split, she reveals in a comment that they were in “different places in life” since he had graduated high school the year before she did. In a follow-up video, Hales explains that she only refers to her wedding as a “shotgun wedding” for “comedic purposes.” 

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“Me explaining that I got married at six months pregnant, not in a ‘shotgun wedding, yeehaw’ kind of way but in a ‘we’re in love and don’t want to wait to be married’ kind of way,” she wrote in the text overlay of her video. 


We are glad that Hales and her now husband found their way back to one another and wish them a lifetime of happiness! 

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