9 Strict Rules Jennifer Lopez Makes Her Boyfriends & Husbands Follow

Ben better keep himself in line!

Last updated on Oct 26, 2023

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Since first calling off her engagement to Ben Affleck back in 2004, Jennifer Lopez has been known to have some tumultuous relationships.

In 2004, she married Marc Anthony, with whom she shares her twins Max and Emme, before splitting in 2011. Between 2011 and 2016, she dated backup dancer Casper Smart before dating and getting engaged to Alex Rodriguez between 2017 and 2021.

Lopez and Affleck rekindled their romance in 2021, ultimately getting married in August 2022, but not before she admittedly "got PTSD" from their shared history. In fact, all of Lopez’s relationships have been marred by cheating allegations and other rumors, so it makes sense that she would put some rules in place to make sure she doesn’t get played again.


Here are nine strict rules Jennifer Lopez's boyfriends allegedly follow.

1. No female flight attendants.

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A source reportedly told Us Weekly that Lopez was so angered after finding out that her then-husband Marc Anthony had an alleged fling with a flight attendant that she stopped allowing women on her private planes completely. The rumored fling caused Lopez to become wary of female flight attendants, and according to sources in the aviation industry, "J. Lo won't let female flight attendants work. She brings her own male flight attendant who is not a flight attendant, but a 'personal assistant'."


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2. J.Lo wants her boyfriends to stay in shape.

Before Lopez and Affleck were married, she allegedly wanted the actor to be in top physical shape. According to OK!, Lopez reportedly put Affleck on a strict diet and workout regimen since the two got back together.


“When they first started dating, Ben was up at 5 a.m., hitting the gym with J.Lo. He was a lot more conscious about looking like a guy who was worthy of dating Hollywood’s biggest glamour gal,” a source said, before revealing that Lopez believed Affleck was beginning to let himself go. “She expects him to pick up the slack and wants him working out every day and eating right, no excuses," the source added.

3. J.Lo allegedly demanded access to A-Rod’s phone at all times.

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While Lopez and Rodriguez were still together, rumors emerged that the former baseball player was cheating on Lopez with reality star Madison LeCroy. LeCroy revealed to Page Six that she exchanged private messages with the baseball star, but clarified that nothing ever happened between them.


“He contacted me, and yes, we DMed, but other than that there was nothing … I’ve never seen him [or] touched him,” LeCroy told Andy Cohen.

The infidelity accusations caused Lopez to crack down on certain rules she wanted Rodriguez to follow, including having around-the-clock access to his phone.

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4. No more than three drinks per night.

During Lopez's relationship with Rodriguez, the singer insisted on "a limit of three drinks" for A-Rod when he was out of town, according to Us Weekly, via Archyde.

Affleck, who rekindled his relationship with Lopez in 2021, is also now sober after suffering from alcoholism. While on 'The Howard Stern' show, Affleck opened up about going to rehab and getting sober, also reflecting on his drinking problem while married to Jennifer Garner.


“The cure for addiction is suffering, you suffer enough, that something inside you goes, ‘I’m done,'” Affleck said. “I’m lucky because I hit that point before I lost the things that were most important. Not my career or money — it was my relationship with my kids, and when I felt as if it impacted them, I recognized it.”

5. She has zero tolerance for cheating.

In the days following Lopez's breakup with Rodriguez, it was reported that Lopez didn't end her relationship with the former baseball player over his allegedly cheating on her, but because he had a reputation of being a cheater. According to PEOPLE, Lopez felt she couldn't fully "trust" him. 

“Whether or not he has cheated doesn't matter. She won't tolerate the fear of it in the air between them," a source said. “Once her trust is broken, there's no turning around,” the source continued. “She feels good about her decision because she knows A-Rod will still be in her life, just in a different capacity.”


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6. Jennifer Lopez reportedly demands sex with Ben Affleck at least four times a week.

According to Marca, Lopez presented Affleck with a prenuptial agreement that had a few questionable demands. One of the alleged requests in the agreement is that Lopez demands Affleck to have a minimum of four sexual relations per week as part of the clauses she will have to sign in order for them to get married.

7. They have to be OK with not having any more kids.

When Lopez and Affleck tied the knot, the two made one thing clear: they didn't want to have any more kids. Lopez already has two children, Emme and Max, 14, with ex Marc Anthony, while Affleck has three children, Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10, with ex Jennifer Garner. 

"They do not want any new children — they are both past that part in their lives. J-Lo's connection with his kids makes Ben even more certain that this is fate," a source told HollywoodLife. "They are focusing on raising them to be good adults now and the party of five is enough for them."


8. JLo’s partner must get along with Marc Anthony.

Anthony and Lopez, who were married from 2004 to 2014, and share two children together, are still "very close" since their divorce and continue to be the "best of friends," a source told HollywoodLife.

Of course, since the two are active co-parents, it would make sense that anyone Lopez is currently dating would have to get along with Anthony. Anthony "doesn't care" who Lopez is dating, or where she lives. He is reportedly also "fine" with their children splitting time between seeing him in Miami and living in Los Angeles with their mother and Affleck.

“They’re very close and act like the best of friends,” the source said. “They are a family unit for everything. They have such a healthy, open relationship and tell each other a lot. He looks at this as if Ben makes her happy, then she should be with Ben. He wants her to live a life that brings her happiness and he really means that. All exes should be like them!”

9. Lopez's partners aren't allowed to "over-tip" their servers.

According to a woman on TikTok who once worked as a cocktail server, while serving Affleck at a Las Vegas casino, he tipped her $10,000 at the end of his night — only for Lopez to show up and take it away.


“Jennifer immediately snatched the money, said ‘hell no!’ and took it back,” the woman alleged.



It's not the first time Lopez has been accused of being "stingy." 

"[Lopez] tells [Affleck] not to tip. He doesn't tip anymore, baby! You don't need to tell him nothing, he ain't doing it," another former casino employee said in a since-deleted TikTok, via Geo News.


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