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Ben Affleck Allegedly Left A Server A Note After He Was 'Embarrassed' By Jennifer Lopez At A Vegas Casino

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's restaurant etiquette has been a hot debate in recent years due to accusations that they can be difficult to serve and terrible tippers.

Anyone who has worked in the customer service industry knows all too well how grueling the job can be. Still, most of them give their best effort to their work with a smile on their face, hoping that they will be rewarded with a generous tip from customers in return. 

This allegedly is not the case with Hollywood stars Affleck and his wife, Lopez. Both have faced separate accusations but one worker claims that it is J. Lo to blame for the couple’s stingy tipping. 

A Las Vegas restaurant manager claimed that Affleck gave one server a generous tip before Lopez interjected. 

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Ben Affleck allegedly tipped a cocktail waitress $10,000 before Jennifer Lopez snatched it away. 

Penny, who is a manager of a tavern in Las Vegas, shared the alleged story told to her by one of her former employees who served Affleck while he gambled in a Vegas casino. 

In a TikTok video, she explained that Tiffany, who once worked as a cocktail waitress in her establishment, went on to work at casinos in the city where she allegedly met Affleck in June 2021. He had traveled to Las Vegas with Lopez and her mother. 



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According to Penny, Affleck sat down at a poker table that Tiffany had been serving. “He wound up sitting at the poker table for her entire shift and she stayed an hour and half over [her shift],” she says. “She took care of him that entire time while he was gambling.” She adds that Tiffany had not taken any other customers during her shift and was only serving Affleck. 

Penny reports that Affleck was “very happy” with Tiffany’s service. When she went to alert the “Batman” star that she was leaving for the evening, Lopez had arrived and was standing behind him. 

“Ben goes, ‘thank you very much, you were great. I hope you’re here tomorrow I’m gonna be back,’” she says. Affleck allegedly then placed $10,000 in Tiffany’s tray as a tip. Unfortunately, she did not get to keep it.

“Jennifer immediately snatched the money, said ‘hell no!’ and took it back,” Penny alleges. The incident left Affleck so mortified, that he decided to grant Tiffany a token of appreciation in a different way. 

Affleck allegedly left the waitress a note apologizing ‘profusely’ for Lopez’s behavior. 

The next morning when Tiffany arrived at work, she was surprised to discover a note from the actor along with two other surprise gifts. “There was a note that said he profusely apologized and was completely embarrassed,” Penny says. 

Along with the note, there was a bouquet of flowers and $25,000. “Ben is an excellent tipper, J. Lo is a piece of s–t,” she adds. 

This alleged incident is not the first time Lopez has been accused of treating customer service workers poorly. In a now-deleted TikTok video, a former casino dealer claimed that Lopez is “stingy” and reportedly tells Affleck not to tip. The pop star allegedly circles back to each table that Affleck was served,  takes the tip money he originally left them and replaces it with $5 or $10. 

Affleck and Lopez have not confirmed any of these stories from customer service workers to be true, and have yet to comment on their tipping standards. 

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Celebrity tipping practices are a much-debated topic among fans.

You might be thinking, "who cares what Ben Affleck tips?" but it turns out a lot of people do — and not just about Affleck's habits.

The fixation with how celebrities treat their servers became a popular TikTok trend back in 2020 with restaurant employees across the US sharing their experiences with some of the world's most famous people.

Celebrities from Kendall Jenner to Hailey Bieber have been forced to defend themselves after being accused of being rude to staff. 

Of course, we all have our bad days and one bad night doesn't reflect a celebrity's character but as the wealth gap continues to deepen, fans are rightfully questioning why we are putting certain celebrities on a pedestal if they do not treat the people serving them with respect.

Servers, who don't qualify for minimum wage in most states, are paid as little as $2.13 an hour and rely heavily on their tips. Until servers start making a livable wage, we should all be making an effort to tip but the world's richest people most definitely should be tipping!

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