8 Immediate Things Men Find Attractive In A Woman (And The Real Reasons Why)

It's not about being skinny.

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It's hard to say exactly what attracts two people because there are so many factors. But many wonder what the scientific community has to say about the equation of attractiveness. Is beauty really only in the eye of the beholder?

According to research, men do find certain features more attractive than others, and much of it is due to a subconscious, animalistic instinct. Traits associated with procreation, sensuality, and health are key players in the art of seduction.


Whether that has to do with science — such as the controversial approach of evolutionary psychology — or simply our cultural standards and expectations of beauty, there are some generally observable trends that dictate what men find attractive about women.

So what are these 'secret' features that men find attractive in women?

Here are 8 things men immediately find attractive in women — and why.

1. Hourglass figure

An hourglass refers to a hip-to-waist ratio where thick hips are in. Women often think men like skinny, but body shape attractiveness on an instinctual level has more to do with how its perceived in relation to reproduction.




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Big hips and curved lower backs have long been thought to relate to a woman's ability to conceive, though there isn't much scientific evidence to back this up.

For whatever reason, men (as a group — remember, these are general trends!) are most often attracted to a voluptuous figure, which includes wide, child-bearing hips. A small waist and curvaceous hip region signals youth and fertility.


So don't disguise your shape. If you've got hips like Shakira, don't be afraid to show them off.

2. Physical symmetry

In ancient Egypt, physical symmetry was the ultimate sign of perfect beauty. This is perhaps due to its associations with a strong and healthy bloodline.

Whether they know it or not, men are often motivated by an instinctual drive to procreate. When set side by side, a face that is altered to be more symmetrical is perceived as more beautiful.

Don't worry if you don't have a perfectly symmetrical face; there are plenty of makeup tutorials to even out asymmetrical features. Besides, no one's face is perfectly symmetrical.

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3. Gorgeous, long tresses

In a 2003 study published in Human Nature, researchers studied the effect of six different hairstyles, including: the top bun, disheveled, unkempt, short, medium-length, and long. The study found that long to medium length hair was perceived not only as more attractive, but a sign of health and longevity.

Short hairstyles tend to seem more "manly" and updos have a feeling of being more uptight. A long, luscious flow is inherently attractive. Ditch the hassle of complicated updos or fishtail braids, and let your hair down before you go out.

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4. The color red

Forget the little black dress! When it comes to attracting the male gaze, it's all about the color red.

According to a 2008 study conducted by researchers at the University of Rochester, the color red is highly seductive when it comes to the attraction of men to women. The study showed that men chose a woman in red over any other color.

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5. Pheromones

When people refer to having good chemistry with someone, they are referring to smell. Scent can be altered by mood and other biological changes. The smell of a woman's tears, for instance, can lower a man's arousal and testosterone levels. Scent is a natural attractor.


Fragrance companies have been searching for a magical love potion for years, but the chemical composition for inducing love remains a failed pursuit. There is no one smell that seduces them all. Rather, certain smells attract certain males.

Even more interesting, one's smell can send a message of sexual preference or signal when a woman is having a menstrual cycle. Perhaps the old saying "love at first sight" should be changed to "love at first smell."



6. Captivating eyes

It's no secret that eyes are the windows to the soul. But when it comes to what men find attractive, men really can't help but be enchanted by beautiful eyes.


Almond-shaped eyes are uniquely effective for drawing the attention of a man, but color plays a huge role as well. Bright, light shades of any color will draw a man like a hummingbird to sugar.

There is more to the eye than just overall shape and color. When studied for attractiveness, eyes with curvy slopes and dark eyelashes set further apart were perceived as more appealing, while closely oriented eyes with droopy eyelids would be seen as less attractive.

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7. Tone of voice

Men perceive women with a higher pitched voice as more attractive. Vocal attractiveness has also been found to be a direct indicator of how one's overall physical attractiveness is perceived.


Women tend to deepen their voices and slow their speech around men in order to induce sexiness, but men actually prefer the higher, lighter tones.

Vocal attractiveness also affects perception of personality. A pleasing voice is associated with a pleasing personality. The great thing about this trait is you can train your voice to be sexier, so pay attention to what the science has to say.

8. Plump, kissable lips

A perfect pout is irresistible to men. In a study by Manchester University, lips were found to be the most attractive part of a woman's body.

immediate things men find attractive in a womanPhoto: HONG SON / Pexels


Coated in red lipstick, men stared at a woman's mouth for an average of seven seconds, whereas the eyes or hair held his attention for less than one second. Thin lips, when donning red lipstick, increased their attractiveness by 40%.

Lips are seen as the most sensual part of a woman's body according to this research and, coupled with the color red, it's no wonder men are absolutely captivated by red lips. The point is, if you want to make an impact, quit fussing with your hair and find the perfect shade to make your lips pop.

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