What Your Favorite Lipstick Color Says About Your Personality

Lips are made for more than just talking.

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It’s part of our routine.

We wake up in the morning and make sure to put some color on our lips, and we check in the mirror during the day to reapply. We make sure our lipstick goes with our ensemble before going out.

But did you know the shade of lipstick you choose actually says something about your personality type and how others view you?

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It's true. Your lipstick color matches your personality. I don't know how many times I have changed my lipstick based on mood and how I was feeling that particular day.

So, your lipstick does say a lot about who you are.

Here is what your favorite lipstick color says about your personality.

1. Bold reds and oranges

If this is your "go-to" color, it means you're creative, bold, adventurous, passionate, and confident enough to walk around in a shade that draws attention. You're daring and ambitious, and won't let things like convention slow you down.

2. Perfect pink

This shade lets everyone know you're sociable, bubbly, friendly, and outgoing.


You're the kind of person who's attractive — not just in looks but in personality, and people love to be around you. You tend to make people smile and try to see the excitement in the small things.

3. Natural nudes and soft pinks

You're loving, friendly, childish, and mature at the same time. You tend to be sympathetic and empathetic of others, and are willing to take the leap of faith — especially when it involves trusting other people.

You can be a bit shy but once you open up, people cannot get enough of your warm personality.

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4. Berry and plums

You have no problem letting the world know you're cultured, independent, reliable, and driven, while still being daring and bold. You don’t want to be just another face in the crowd, but you want to draw attention in a refined way.


The easy way you can go from brunch and museums to gothic and geeky makes you the one your friends go to for advice in all things fashion.

5. Beautiful blacks

Whether it's the darkest purples, blackest reds, or purest blacks, you have no problem showing off your dark side.

You can be intimidating and seem unapproachable, and even if you enjoy the company of others, you tend to be the type of person who doesn’t mix well with everyone. You also have no problem making your opinions known.

6. Lip-balm

You value practicality above most things, like skipping color and just swiping on some clear or slightly tinted lip balm. You're mature, versatile, and tend to follow the rules.


You have a quiet sort of confidence in the way you own your natural lips and are determined to be yourself and not let other people change you.

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