10 PhD-Backed Habits That Can Make Your Relationship Better Than 98% Of Other Couples

Relationships aren't as hard as most people think.

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A healthy relationship requires more than just two people loving each other. It requires constant effort and continuous input from both of the people involved.

Lack of attraction is as dangerous as a lack of trust when it comes to relationships. But there are certain things couples can do that keep their relationship alive for years to come!

Here are 10 habits that can make your relationship better than other couples.

1. Focus on your friendship

The first and foremost thing couples can do is be better friends with one another. Of course, you don't have to share every little thing with your partner like you do with your actual bestie, but you both need to feel connected to each other.


A well-connected couple shares their sorrows and happiness. They share their problems. They play, they laugh, they hug, and they even cry together. Be that couple who shares the important moments.

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2. Be romantic

Remember how it used to be in the beginning when you first got together? How did you two have fun together? Remember all those cute kisses and passionate hugs? Don’t let them fade away.

Grab your better half, run your finger through their hair, hold them close, and remind them of the happy times you shared. Go out of your way to add a little romance to your relationship, and let your actions do the talking.

3. Learn how to listen

Everyone loves a person who can listen — your partner is no different. They have hundreds of things going on around them. These things create tension and stress and can cause trauma.

Help them get rid of it. Make them speak. Listen to them patiently. Give advice if you have any. Finally, when they are done, kiss their forehead and assure them of a better tomorrow.




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4. Celebrate anniversaries

One of the loveliest habits that can make your relationship better is by celebrating small, special moments. Your marriage is not a small moment; rather, it's your first kiss, your first date, your first small moment that you still think about.

The idea is to spend quality time together, remembering how it used to be, and then deciding to work towards the same thing that was much better.


5. Laugh together

Another thing all happy, healthy relationships have is humor and laughter. A couple with a good sense of humor never gets bored and disconnected; it's like magic glue that keeps people together.

Make a point to spend time laughing with one another. It will bring you both closer together.

6. Appreciate one another

Do you remember when you first started dating? There were so many good things about each other that you noticed and adored. It’s time to re-explore those and appreciate them once more.

Appreciate the way your partner looks, the way they dress, the way they talk, and the way they smile. Tell them how much you love them and how lucky you are to have them.




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7. Cook together

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars or travel to a country far away to spend time with one another. Sometimes, small things like cooking a meal together is enough.

Cooking is a good gesture to tell someone you care. Studies have even found that there are endless benefits to cooking together as a couple, including improving commitment and intimacy, and boosting communication.


Make sure you both get into the kitchen and work together as a team. Once you find the right ingredients, food isn't the only thing that will be served hot on the table!

8. Be optimistic

People make mistakes that are hard to forget. They keep surfacing in your mind and change your mindset to something negative. This directly affects your relationship and you may even start questioning the trust you have in each other.

Instead of thinking negatively, be positive and optimistic. Think of a more neutral explanation for others' actions. And think of the good moments you have and smile.

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9. Go on dates

Another habit that can make your relationship better than other couples is going on an adventure together — whether it's a bike ride around the neighborhood, a last-minute trip to your favorite destination, or a night on the town at the restaurant where you had your first date.

You will learn and explore a lot about each other, and by the time you return home, you will have so much to laugh at and talk about!


10. Control your anger

Anger can be your relationship’s worst enemy. It can make you speak things you don't even mean to and end a healthy relationship within seconds.

Learn to control your anger. Rise above your insecurities and try to stay calm and happy. Talk to your partner if they did something you didn't like. Try to resolve the issue without arguing.

Make your point clear, but give your partner a chance to explain their part of the story as well. Be assured that things that make you angry aren't as important as things you will lose because of it.



Relationships aren't as hard as most people think. You just need to understand each other and keep the intimacy and trust alive. Attraction is temporary by nature, but making it permanent is no rocket science.


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Dan Kolubinski, Ph.D., is a BACP and BABCP Accredited Cognitive-Behavioural Therapist and relationship counselor, and Senior Lecturer in the Division of Psychology at the School of Applied Sciences, specializing in the field of mental health.