Doing This One Thing Every Day Makes More People Flirt With You

Study shows that it even makes love contagious.

Last updated on Mar 03, 2023

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We all know that taking the time to look fierce can endow self-confidence and turn heads when you walk down the street. 

But is it possible that a makeup and beauty ritual can fill your heart until you radiate love to everyone around you and make more people flirt with you?

A study says it’s all about the daily ritual of taking a few quiet moments out of every day to focus positively on yourself and your well-being.


According to a study conducted by Revlon and Fordham University, “For one week, 710 women were asked to follow a daily beauty ritual with makeup, fragrance, chocolate, and a mirror.”

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The results? An overwhelming 97 percent “saw an improvement in their love lives.” Numbers like that call for a mathematical mic-drop moment. The study also found that love is contagious, and that is one epidemic we wouldn’t mind spreading. And after the study, partners were more likely to reciprocate in acts of romance.

What’s more, 85 percent of the women in the study noticed a positive change in how others reacted to them, noting an increase in compliments from their partner or date (65 percent), and more than half (56 percent) confirming that others flirted with them more frequently.

At a broader level, rituals are highly conscious, sensorial, and symbolically meaningful activities that have the power to transform our emotional states. When that happens to be a beauty ritual, you can add self-confidence and infectious electricity to the equation. 

This study shows that women experience a positive change after folding the ritual into their daily routines, and it demonstrates that women are empowered to improve their love lives with just a simple shift in mindset.


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Mind over matter, right? So much in life comes down to perspective. Often, the difference between a good day and a bad day is how you look at it. It comes as no surprise then that a simple beauty ritual can train your brain to fill you up with more self-love.

And when you're bursting at the seams with love and confidence, you can't help but show it, spread it to everyone around you, and reap the rewards of that cycle of mutual positive reinforcement.

At YourTango, we have been trumpeting the undeniable link between love and beauty for over ten years, so it's exciting to see our passionate ideals become scientific facts. When you think about it, it's pretty intuitive that how you look impacts how you feel. Anyone who has had a bad hair day can attest to that.


But when you take a few minutes to relax and focus positively on yourself, adding some color and sparkle, you’re naturally going to feel better, knowing you look amazing. And when that happens, you naturally radiate more inner beauty, making you more attractive to the people around you, creating a powerful virtuous cycle.

Tracy Rohrbaugh, former Vice President of Marketing at Revlon, said, "Taking the time each day to appreciate yourself, especially what makes you unique, is a simple but effective way to create positive energy. This daily ritual can manifest more kindness, more affection, more flirting, and more love. Initiating this virtuous cycle helps the doer to both give and receive more love.”

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