The Top 3 Tactics Of Women Who Can Get Any Guy They Want

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how women can get any guy they want

When you're wondering why you're not attracting men, it can seem like a mystery. Especially when there are women all around who seem to get any guy they want.

You start to feel invisible. You ask yourself, "What am I doing wrong?"

And a lot of women aren't going to tell you these crucial pieces of advice. Maybe because they don't even realize why they're such guy magnets.

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Or maybe because they want to keep all the quality guys for themselves. But they are clearly doing something right when it comes to getting the men they want to want them.

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3 essential things you can do to get any guy you want to want YOU: 

1. Look them in the eyes

In order to be a guy magnet and attract good men with ease, you're going to do one simple thing: You're going to look at them. Eye contact makes men melt.

Drunks and players do not need eye contact to approach you. Quality guys look at you to signal them with eye contact to approach you.

This is what savvy women know. Eye contact can get you any man you want.

If they can't see your eyes they won't approach you. They'll think you're not interested in meeting them. To give them the signal that you're approachable, catch their eyes by looking into them.

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2. Work together with your female friends

When you go out with a friend and get deeply involved in a conversation, men think you're busy.

When you face each other and close off the room, there's no room for a man to enter. Superstar women have each other's back while they look forward to meeting men.

Keep your body open, look around at the room, and guys will be able to approach you.

Also, take breaks from your girlfriends and go to the bar or the restroom. Give guys a chance to approach you when you're by yourself.

Women who attract lots of guys have a plan and execute it to perfection. It's how they draw men to them.

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3. Do things you enjoy — and show your enjoyment

Guys are attracted to women who are happy. When they see you laughing and smiling, they'll be more attracted to you.

Contrary to popular belief, guys don't find you mysterious just because you're not enjoying yourself. They just stay away from you.

When you're doing things you like, guys will naturally want to meet you, because you're relaxed. And relaxed, happy women are more attractive.

Look up so guys can catch your eye and approach you. Stay open to the room and take breaks from each other when you're with your girlfriends.

Do things you like to do and you'll meet a guy who wants to do them with you.

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James Allen Hanrahan is a relationship expert, author, speaker, an educator of effective communication strategies for male/female relationships. He is a certified ASR educator and T.A. practitioner.