15 Compliments Every Guy Loves To Hear From The Woman He Loves

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How far can flattery get you? Pretty far, research suggests. In fact, according to one study, praise helps people to believe in themselves and motivates them to succeed.

Studies conducted in the workplace conclude that six expressions of praise for each criticism significantly increase productivity. So why can't this same logic apply to love relationships? The answer is, it can—and should.

So get the positive energy flowing in your relationship with these 30 flattering phrases your partner really wants to hear:

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Here are 15 flattering things every guy loves to hear from the woman he loves: 

1. You make me feel beautiful.

This compliment is effective because you're telling your partner how you feel — and that it's a direct result of something he's doing.

2. I really admire the way you handled that. 

A major ego-booster is genuinely complimenting a man's judgment, abilities, and integrity.

3. This meal you cooked is delicious!

People want to feel that their efforts are appreciated, so even if it's the third meal he's cooked this week, don't take it for granted.

4. My friends/family love spending time with you.

Acceptance within a relationship is crucial, and that extends to your inner circle too. He'll appreciate that the people who love you recognize him as someone you value.

5. You're hilarious!

Sure, he may get it from the way you laugh hysterically at what he does, but it doesn't hurt to tell him how much he makes you giggle too. All guys know that humor is one of the keys to charming a woman, and he'll be tickled to know he's got that in the bag.

6. I always feel safe with you.

Men are wired to protect their partners, so reaffirm this by reminding him that it's working.

7. You're so sexy/good-looking.

Guys don't receive compliments about their looks and sex appeal as often as women do, and just like women, they can be insecure about their looks. So when he gets a compliment like this from you — the person he wants to be craved by most — it'll be that much more meaningful.

8. I need your advice.

This subtle yet powerful compliment appeals to your partner's desire to be needed by you — without you being needy, of course. 

9. That girl was totally checking you out.

He'll love the fact that he's being checked out and he'll be turned on that you're confident enough to point it out without being jealous.

10. I love it when you [fill in the blank].

This not only reinforces behaviors you truly enjoy, but it confirms to him that what he's doing is pleasing you — and that means in or out of the bedroom.

11. Can you open this jar?

Sure, you may do CrossFit, and he may think that's hot. But once in a while, it's a turn-on for a guy to know his manliness comes in handy.

12. You're an amazing dad/brother/friend.

 Let your partner know that you recognize the other relationships in his life in addition to his relationship with you and that you've observed how special he is to those people too. He trusts your judgment and will be genuinely flattered to hear it.

13. You're fearless!

Again, genuine compliments that appeal to his manhood will make him beam with pride.

14. I really respect you.

When you tell a guy that you have respect for him, you're appealing to him right where he lives. A man thrives on knowing he has your respect and that he's a top priority in your life.

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15. Wow — you really have been working out.

He's making the effort to look hot, so show him you notice. It'll make him feel great and motivate him to keep it up!

And here are 15 compliments women love to hear from the men they love:

16. I love talking to you. 

Women place a high value on communication, so it's flattering to know she's communicating well and you appreciate it.

17. That dress looks amazing on you.

We accept that most guys don't pay much attention to our new sartorial purchases, but if we got all dressed up, we're definitely hoping you'll notice what we're wearing tonight.

18. You're so smart.

"Pretty" or some variation thereof is the go-to compliment for a woman, and she probably gets it all the time. So don't miss the opportunity to remind her that she's so much more than just a pretty face.

19. You're more attractive than any of the women in that movie.

Guys, we're inundated with images of "perfect" bodies and faces, especially those in Hollywood. Tell us you prefer us over Angelina Jolie and we'll be putty in your hands.

20. You're so good at what you do!

Show her that you notice and respect what she invests her time and effort into, whether its a job, a pastime or even charity work.

21. My friends love you.

Women can be insecure about what their partners' buddies think of them. Reassure her that she's welcome in the fold by reminding her that your friends enjoy her company — and even that they like her because she makes you so happy.

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22. You make me feel so comfortable.

There's nothing quite as heartwarming as knowing you bring your partner comfort. Women also enjoy the emotional stability that a compliment like this inspires.

23. I love you just the way you are.

You don't want her to change for you? Excellent. When she hears this, she'll be encouraged to be the best possible version of herself when she's with you — and it'll come naturally.

24. I miss you.

She'll feel confident knowing that you value her so much that her absence is palpable.

25. There's such warmth in your eyes.

This one sounds like a physical compliment, but you're actually complimenting the warmth of her personality, which is radiating through her eyes. It's like a compliment squared!

26. Your [insert hero of choice] has really rubbed off on you.

Maybe she idolizes her mother, or perhaps it's her grandmother, aunt, or even a significant teacher in her life. Show her that you think highly of the people she's influenced by and that you hold her in equally high regard.

27. I'm proud of you.

Whether you're proud of something she's done or simply proud to show her off, everyone wants to know they're valued in a relationship.

28. You have excellent taste.

Who wouldn't want to hear that their taste in books, music, movies, food — anything, really — is admired ... especially from the person whose opinion matters most? Respect for her preferences garners trust, and she won't be afraid that you'll make fun of her for liking something that goes against popular opinion.

29. What would I do without you?

Remind her that, even though you're independent, you still need her.

30. I'd rather see you tonight than my friends.

Every woman knows that when a guy truly likes her, he'll find time for her. And if it means elbowing out his buddies every now and then, she'll know you are that into her.

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