21 Of The Best Compliments A Guy Could Ever Hear

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It can be hard compliment a guy you're dating. That sounds a little silly, but think about it: When was the last time you successfully paid a compliment to any man without it becoming weird? 

When it comes to finding sweet things to say my boyfriend, I tend to stick to telling him how much I love him and what a good dad he is, often quite awkwardly. In reality, if I could, I'd tell him how incredibly handsome he is, but I always get this funny feeling of reservation.

How can you let your male partner know just how into him you are? What compliments for men will help him understand just how much he rocks your world?

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According to Jorday Gray, sex and relationship coach, "While men might not get as much body-shaming marketing as the average woman does, guys are still insecure about certain elements of their physical appearance. Besides, every person (regardless of gender) likes knowing that their partner finds them aesthetically pleasing."

While compliments don't have to be solely physical, when you love someone, or even when you just happen to notice something attractive or kind or commendable about them, it's hard not to share it. 

More importantly, you want them to know that you truly see them, recognize their goodness, and that your appreciation matters enough that it's something you need to put into words.

21 Compliments for Men

They key to complimenting a guy in a meaningful way — one that won't just make him feel like a piece of meat — can be found in the depths of the subreddit known as Ask Men. In that popular Reddit forum, one woman asked, "What is the best compliment you have ever received?"

The answers men gave make a great guide for anyone looking to praise the guy they love. Without further ado, here are 21 of the best compliments for men, according to guys themselves.

1. 'You feel like home.'

"My now wife once said while we were dating that, 'You feel like home.'"

"Everyone, regardless of gender expression, wants to feel a deep and meaningful connection to other human beings. It's in our DNA. So, tell them you feel ____ in their presence. The blank can be safe, seen, loved, protected. Any feeling will suffice as long as its real," says marriage and family therapist, Dr. Paul Hokemeyer.

2. 'You have beautiful eyes.'

"One time a lady in a store in an airport told me I had beautiful eyes. It was in the middle of a bad trip home from a holiday (I got food poisoning, not fun on a plane). It's the only time in my life I've ever received a compliment from a stranger, and I couldn't believe how amazing it made me feel."

3. 'You're a good father.'

"The best compliment is when my wife says I'm a good father. My dad walked out on my two sisters and I when I was only two years old, so I'm trying my hardest to be the best father I can be."

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4. 'Your children are lucky to have you.'

"My abusive ex-wife got two restraining orders against me and I didn't see my children for 12 months. These were the hardest 12 months of my life, filled with despair and sorrow.

Through family court orders, I had to have supervised visits for two hours, once a fortnight, for 6 months, and then a report was written by the supervisor for family court. It was so hard for me to try and be the dad I wanted to be for my kids, while only being able to see them for 2 hours a fortnight while someone watched my every move.

On my very last supervised visit, after the children had left, the supervisor came up to me and said, 'I don't know what happened for you to have to be here, but you are an amazing dad and your children are lucky to have you.' I then proceeded to ball my eyes out."

Says relationship expert and divorce attorney, Michelle Afont, "Although this compliment often goes to moms, most men take pride in their fathering skills and appreciate the recognition... Hearing what a great dad he is makes him want to be a an even better dad. Complimenting his nurturing skills and his tenderness with his children will warm your man's heart in all the right places."

5. 'You have beautiful eyes.'

"When I was 15, a woman who worked with my dad told me I have beautiful eyes. It's the only time someone told me I'm beautiful, so 11 years on, I still cherish that memory."

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6. 'I appreciate you.'

"A friend in my group pulled me aside and said I’m a really genuine person and that she appreciates me."

7. 'You are complex without being complicated.'

"Someone said to me, 'You are complex without being complicated.'"

8. 'You’re interesting and I like talking to you.'

"I took a theater class 2 or 3 years ago. There was this one girl who I would talk to after class. As in, I would walk her to her car. No real reason, I’m just friendly and talkative dude.

One day, the teacher holds me back after class for 10 minutes to talk about one of my monologue performances. I see everyone left, so I’m kind o bummed I wouldn’t get to talk to the girl. But she waited outside for me.

I was legitimately shocked and asked her why. She said, 'You’re interesting and I like talking to you.' As someone who regularly gets told they’re really talkative and annoying, it was great to actually meet someone who appreciated conversing."

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9. 'You're a hard worker.'

"I was once told at work that I could be trusted to handle certain things (in other words, I was competent for those tasks). As someone who sometimes secretly thinks he's not skilled/competent enough, this meant a lot to me."

Says lifestyle strategist Stephanie Lee, "Men are bred to build and create. Complimenting him on how well he is doing at work or in his career will cause him to swell with pride and increase his desire to work even harder."

10. 'You have a wonderful way of speaking.'

"I am grateful for physical compliments, but ones that go beyond how I keep myself in shape or the face I was born with are much more meaningful. A women once said I had a wonderful way of speaking; it honestly caught me off guard and I was flush for quite some time after."

11. 'What you did was really hot.'

"I've been complimented for being hard-working, successful, smart, and things like that. It's always nice, but I don't consider those things praise-worthy, because I didn't do a whole lot to deserve them. It's who I am.

I am not ugly, but also not attractive. As a guy, I've been used my whole life to not receiving any compliments about my looks or anything physical. Put all this together, and I used to think that I'm above compliments. They really don't matter much.

That is until the other day, when my wife asked me to open a jar. It was a particularly hard one, and I was shirtless. So I put all my strength into it, making my muscles pop out. I opened the jar and she said, 'Wow... that was kinda hot.'

The only real compliment I ever got for anything physical, so rare at a rate of 1 in 50 years, that I will always remember it."

Adds Allana Pratt, coach and intimacy expert, "It's not that you can't do what he did, it's that he did it for you. Praise him. Mean it. Say it from your heart. Be a little vulnerable and let him see how his support moves you."

12. 'You don't look old enough to be a dad.'

"One time, I took my son to get his haircut, and the (female) barber didn't believe that I was old enough to be his dad."

13. 'You made my day.'

"After watching a customer walk around the pastries for 5 minutes, he looked at his hand and saw he didn’t have enough money. He was about to walk out and I called him over.

I handed him a turkey sandwich and said, 'Have a nice day.' He looked at me and said, 'You made my day. Thank you,' with the most sincere voice I have heard."

"People often don't realize they are having an impact beyond one person," Dr. Joshua Klapow, clinical psychology, says. "Reminding them or highlighting for them how their impact goes beyond you is powerful."

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14. 'You have nice muscles.'

"Back in high school I was really scrawny — so scrawny that I was deemed unfit for military service when I reached the age when you otherwise have to enter national service. About a year ago, I walked past one of the girls from my high school class, and naturally I said, 'Hi' when I recognized her.

The first words out of her mouth were, 'You got big.' I am well aware that I am not exactly a giant of a man now, but I still think back on that with a smile."

15. 'I like your car.'

"Some old guy at the racetrack said he liked my car."

16. 'You're a good man.'

"A girl I had a crush on suddenly told me I'm a good man. I don't know if I was friend-zoned or what, but it felt good."

Adds Klapow, "Telling someone they are kind-hearted, have a caring-heart, etc. elevates the 'nice' compliment, because you are speaking directly to who they are, versus what they have done."

17. 'You check all my boxes.'

"Following a conversation about how she likes my outside-the-box thinking, asking my now fiancée if I tick her boxes, she replied, 'You tick outside the boxes'."

18. 'I like your ride.'

"The best feeling in the world is driving my car around and having little kids stop in their tracks and give the thumbs up. It's so much more gratifying than any award or recognition."

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19. 'You have an inner glow.'

"My friends would talk to their friends about me as someone who's super genuine. Also, a girl told me last week that I looked way better than my photos on Tinder because I have an 'inner glow' in real life, which apparently reflects my inner self."

20. 'You have great posture and are handsome.'

"I used to work at a grocery store. I was walking towards the back of the store when halfway down an old lady stopped me.

I expected that she needed help finding something or she was going to complain about something. Instead, she just wanted to tell me that she thought I had good posture and was handsome. Seventeen-year-old me's day was made."

21. 'You give me butterflies.'

"'You give me butterflies.'"

Says John Gottman, psychological researcher and clinician, "Every time you express your positive thinking and give your partner a verbal compliment, no matter how small, you are strengthening your marriage."

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