21 Sweet & Sentimental Mother's Day Gifts For First-Time Moms

21 Sweet & Sentimental Mother's Day Gifts For First-Time Moms

Mother's Day is always special, but it's especially special for moms who are celebrating it for the first time. And while, of course, you can never go wrong with a bouquet of flowers and a well-written card, why not try to elevate the gift-giving game this year with something that's truly unique (and won't be thrown in the trash a week later.) 

We've rounded up myriad exquisite Mother's Day gifts for first-time moms — from a make-your-own-baby-magazine to jewelry that literally holds memories to a one-of-a-kind card that doubles as artwork — these are the sentimental gifts she'll store away forever.

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th, so don't delay. Gift her any of the items below and the beautiful first-time mom in your life will truly be touched. 

21 Sweet & Sentimental Mother's Day Gifts For First-Time Moms 

1. Music Box Hand-Cranked Engraved Musical Box

Get the Music Box Hand-Cranked Engraved Musical Box at Amazon, $13.99


This wooden music's box exquisite surface is carved by hand in imitation of ancient times to bring you into a magical world. The reason this is such a sweet gift for mom is that it's totally personalizable — pen what message you'd like to convey to the first-time mom in your life and she can read it while the notes of "You Are My Sunshine" play softly in the background.

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2. Locket Sisters Gold Edith Locket

Get the Locket Sisters Gold Edith Locket at Locket Sisters, $175


A locket with a photo of her new baby tucked inside is such a gorgeous first-time Mother's Day gift. This 14K gold Edith locket is charming, understated, and classic.  

3. Camp x Young Jerks "The Mommest" Mother Beanie

Get the Camp x Young Jerks "The Mommest" Mother Beanie at Camp, $32


A literal nod to her new role in the world — and arguably the most important one — this beanie is super-soft and the fit is snug, so it won't lose its stretch after washing.

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4. Recently Mobile-To-Magazine Personal Photo Magazine

Get the Recently Mobile-To-Magazine Personal Photo Magazine At Recently, prices vary


In the growing age of digital media, photographs are the new family heirloom and Recently makes it easy to pick and print the best ones right from her phone and turn them into their own physical magazine. That's right: an entire magazine dedicated to baby photos. Tell us what mom wouldn't swoon over this extraordinarily special personalized gift.

5. Capsule Letters Message In A Bottle

Get Capsule Letters Message In A Bottle at Amazon, $12.99


On each capsule, write a reason why you love the first-time mom in your life. Then bundle them together, put the messages in a bottle, and give her a gift she can return to whenever she needs a pick-me-up or a reminder that she's loved.

6. Thank You, Mom Candle

Get the Thank You, Mom Candle at Homesick, $27.20


Candles are the mom gift you can't go wrong with — and if you're the type who struggles with what to say, this one sums it up pretty perfectly. 

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7. Quilled Mom Cross Stitch Greeting Card

Get the Quilled Mom Cross Stitch Greeting Card at Quilling Card, $11


Each quilled card is beautifully handmade by a highly skilled artisan and takes one hour to create. These true one-of-a-kind cards are meant for a new mom to share, treasure as a keepsake, or display as the work of art it is.

8. LoveCube Personalized Love Letters

Get the LoveCube Personalized Love Letters at Lovecube, $47.99


LoveCube consists of up to 60 cards containing messages and images customized for the first-time mom in your life — it's like creating a personalized love letter that she'll cherish forever. The cards are wrapped in a ribbon and arrive beautifully packaged in a keepsake box.

9. Banter by Piercing Pagoda Diamond Beaded Initial Charm

Get the Banter by Piercing Pagoda Diamond Beaded Initial Charm at Banter, $600


For a truly luxurious first-time Mother's Day gesture, gift her baby initial bling. This diamond and beaded dripping initial necklace charm is set in 10K gold and is perfect for the mom whose love language is gifts, specifically: expensive jewelry. 

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10. Lucy Darling Little Animal Baby Memory Book

Get the Lucy Darling Little Animal Baby Memory Book at Amazon, $36.98


Baby memory books are such a wonderful gift for a new mom — but not all are created equal. The reason we love this one from Lucy Darling is that it's the perfect combination of a baby journal and a photo album so that all of the scrapbook-type details are already printed onto the pages. Simply add pictures of your baby and add brief points of each event along the way for a seamless forever treasure. 

11. Monster Smart Home 16 GB Digital Photo Frame

Get the Monster Smart Home 16 GB Digital Photo Frame at Amazon, $129.99


Help a first-time mom clear all those pictures off her phone with the new Monster Smart Home Digital Photo Frame. It also allows multiple people to add their own photos to the frame from anywhere using the Monster App. She can upload 100 pictures at a time and with the frame’s 16GB of internal memory, she can store up to 4,000 photos on the frame itself.

12. Mementum Crown Ring

Get the Mementum Crown Ring at Mementum, $170


Elevate your first Mother's Day gift from memorable to unforgettable with the Mementum Crown ring. How it works: Using the mobile app, scan your ring with your smartphone’s camera to unlock your Mementum. Add loving memories, and tell her story with photos, notes, and inside jokes.

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13. Bestowal 'Me Time' Gift Box

Get the Bestowal 'Me Time' Gift Box at Bestowal, $125


One thing new moms don't get a lot of? Me time. Change that on Mother's Day with this gorgeous gift box, chock full of all the de-stressing essentials: hibiscus tea + a ceramic mug, chocolate pretzels, a grapefruit sheet mask, and so much more.

14. Canvas People Custom Heartbeat Canvas with Personalized Image

Get the Canvas People Custom Heartbeat Canvas with Personalized Image at Canvas Light, $67


Gift the first-time mom in your life a stunning canvas of your new little family — each one is printed with high-quality inks that are resistant to scuffs, scrapes, and fading! A perfect family heirloom that will withstand the test of time.

15. Imani Collective 'I Love Who You Are' Hang Sign

Get the Imani Collective 'I Love Who You Are' Hang Sign at Imani Collective, $12


Whether she displays this in her room or the baby's nursery, this sweet sentiment, sewn and screen printed by hand on natural canvas by Kenyan artisans, is just another way of saying "I love you."

16. Caricature Master Family Caricature

Get the Caricature Master Family Caricature at Caricature Master, $39.99


For the new mom with a sense of humor, these family caricature portraits are such a whimsical way to make family photos more fun. It's a Mother's Day gift idea that's unique, personal, and shows you put some extra effort into choosing a gift she likely hasn't received before.

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17. Vicky Barone 'You Got This' Coffee Mug

Get the Vicky Barone 'You Got This' Coffee Mug at Vicky Barone, $14


While this coffee mug sentiment may seem simple, it's a phrase new moms need to hear repeatedly. And what better item to display the message on than a coffee mug? Something first-time moms have on them 24/7!

18. Well Told Hometown Map Stemmed Champagne Flute Pair

Get the Well Told Hometown Map Stemmed Champagne Flute Pair at Well Told, $34.95


This is a fun, personalized idea: a pair of 8 oz. custom champagne glasses engraved with a detailed map of any city or town in the U.S. Choose the city or town where Baby was born and this drinkware will have sentimental meaning for years to come.

19. Tula Picking Daisies Baby Blanket

Get the Tula Picking Daisies Baby Blanket at Tula, $29


These cozy baby blankets are made 100% Viscose, which is produced from specially processed bamboo pulp that gives them a plump, fluid softness that maintains a light feel while being ultra-soft.

20. LoveBook

Get the LoveBook at LoveBook, $46.71


Telling a new mom why they are special has never been this easy and fun. Each LoveBook is a custom-made list of all those little reasons why you love or appreciate her. Choose her eyes, hair, skin tone, and more for each LoveMoji, which will automatically appear throughout the book.

21. Framebridge The Clara Frame With Limited-Edition Floral Mat

Get the Framebridge The Clara Frame With Limited-Edition Floral Mat at Framebridge, $75


How stunning are these first-ever limited-edition patterned mats by artist Riley Sheehey? These exclusive floral-patterned mats from Framebridge draw inspiration from the whimsy of Springtime and make the perfect backdrop for framing a photo that deserves a crowning place in your home.

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