15 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Your Amazing Girlfriend

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Best Mother's Day Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Mothers Day is only a hop and skip away. Your girlfriend is the most precious person in your life. She takes care of the kids — and you. She's kind, nurturing, and the best mother that you know. How can any gift measure up?

The key to a great mothers day gift for your girlfriend is to be thoughtful. Think about her and what she'd really enjoy. Is she a woman who loves luxury, or is she the kind of gal that would rather have something useful?


Don't worry, we got you covered! These 15 present ideas are guaranteed to make your sweetie smile.

Here are the best Mother's Day gifts for your girlfriend that are almost as wonderful as she is:

1. Immortal Rose

Preserved Flower Rose, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com  

Your girlfriend will treasure this real rose that's been preserved to last for 3-5 years. Plus, it comes in the prettiest box so she can display it on her nightstand, on her desk at work, or on her bathroom counter. Buy the rose here.

2. Mother's Day Necklace

Mothers Day Gift Necklace, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com  

Doves represent purity and love. Show her the strength of your bond by giving her this gorgeous Mother's Day necklace made from sterling silver and cubic zirconia. Get this lovely necklace here.

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3. Funny Wine Glass

Mommy Medicine Funny Wine Glass for Women, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com  

Your girlfriend — who is always going above and beyond — deserve a good laugh this Mother's Day. If she enjoys kicking back with a glass of vino after a long day, this is the gift for her. Pair it with a bottle of her favorite wine so she can put it to use right away. Buy the hilarious wine glass here.

4. Infusion Water Bottle

Savvy Infusion Water Bottles, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com  

Show your girlfriend that you notice — and love — all the little things about her, like her obsession with fruit-flavored water. She can now treat herself to it daily thanks to this handy infusion water bottle. Get it here.

5. Engraved Baking Spoon

Laser Engraved Wooden Mixing Spoon, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com  

Is your girlfriend a foodie who loves to cook? This beech wood spoon is both sweet and practical. Plus, it will remind her of your love every time she's in the kitchen. Buy it here.

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6. Cat Mom Mug

Best Cat Mom Ever Funny Coffee Mug, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com  

You and your girlfriend may not have kids, but she is the best cat mom around and you want to give her a laugh. This silly mug fits the bill nicely! Buy the funny mug here.

7. Spa Kit

Spa Gift Basket Refreshing, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

What woman doesn't appreciate getting the spa treatment at home? This kit includes rose and jasmine-scented shower gel, bubble bath, bath salts, body lotio,n and more! Buy the spa gift here.

8. Chocolate Gift Set

Deluxe Chocolate Covered Gift Basket Tower, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com  

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There is only one way to describe this gift: chocolate-lovers' heaven. It has everything a chocoholic craves, from Belgian chocolate-covered pretzels to chocolate-dipped marshmallow pops and more. Indulge your girlfriend this Mother's Day with this over-the-top present. Buy the deluxe chocolate here.

9. Lightbox Sign

Light up Box Sign with Letters, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com 

Imagine your girlfriend waking up to a light-up message on Mother's Day. It makes a fun surprise now, but you can also bust it out randomly during the year when you want to show her some extra love. Get it here.

10. Heart Infinity Bracelet

Brilliant Cut Cubic Zirconia Heart Infinity Tennis Bracelet, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com 

It sparkles, shimmers, and is the perfect accessory to wear anytime! In other words, any woman would love to receive this infinity heart bracelet as a Mother's Day gift. Buy the beautiful bracelet here.

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11. Black Pearl Earrings

14K Gold Round Tahitian South Sea High Luster Cultured Pearl  Earrings, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com 

A high-quality pearl and 14K gold earrings that matches your girlfriend's elegance. The pearls are hand-picked from Tahitian farms for its brilliant shine. This gift is sophisticated and simple. Buy the perfect pearls here.

12. Star Wars T-Shirt

Best Mom in the Galaxy Star Wars, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Don't pretend that you don't know who the best mom in the galaxy is! Is your sweetie a Star Wars fangirl? This is the one Star Wars gift that she doesn't have, and you need to give it to her now! Get this rad gift here.

13. Golden Face Mask

Gold Mask Facial Brush Applicator Kit, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Make your girlfriend feel like a princess by giving her the royal treatment with a gold face mask. This collagen mask unclogs pore, reduces wrinkles, and controls oil. Plus, she'll love taking selfies of her golden face after she puts it on. Get the gold treatment here.

14. Mommy & Me Outfit

Mommy and Me Butterfly Print Party Beach Cami Dress, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Make the two most precious people in your life happy. This pretty butterfly dress for your girlfriend and daughter will flatter them both — and give you an excuse to take your two favorite ladies out to dinner.  Buy the dresses here.

15. You and me forever.

God Gave me you Sterling Silver Personalized Jewelry, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

The best gifts come from the heart, which is why this one is as perfect as they get. This dainty necklace comes engraved with your child's birthdate and initials making it super sentimental. Buy it here.

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