The Best Gift Ideas For Moms Who Are Super Hard To Buy For

She deserves it!

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It’s tempting to fall back on the classic gifts for moms: Flowers, a nice brunch, maybe a bottle of wine, and of course, the requisite framed photo. 

But moms who are super hard to buy for are especially not going to want the same old junk you give them every year. This year, more than ever, you want to really spoil her with something that will make her feel her best, whether it's for her birthday or a holiday.


Let’s face it: Moms have the hardest job on the planet and deserve to unwind and clear their minds more than anyone else, but they don’t always get the chance. 

Gifts for mom that promote the art of self-care and wellness are just what every mother or grandmother needs to feel like a million bucks every day!

These gift ideas will get your hardworking momma on the first step of her self-care journey.

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Here are 9 of the best wellness and self-care gift ideas for every mom, stepmom, and grandma to feel their best all year round. 

1. Hydrow Rowing Machine


Hydrow offers the ultimate at-home workout equipment on the market today. Mom can be transported to the open water without even having to arrange a babysitter to take care of the kids. Hydrow offers yoga, pilates, and strength-training workouts in beautiful destinations where you can put your On The Mat Kit to work! 

With Hydrow, you can get a full-body workout in as little as 10 minutes. Hydrow engages 86 percent of your muscles, targeting nearly double the muscles as running and cycling, in half the time.

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2. Follain Clean Skincare


This clean beauty brand is perfect for moms who want to indulge in skincare without using harsh chemicals. 

Follain has skin, bath, and body products suitable for every skin concern. You can even go the extra mile and use this gift to set up an at-home spa day on Mother’s Day or her birthday!

Plus, Follain is a female-founded brand. And what better way to celebrate women and mothers everywhere than by supporting women in business?

Follain's At-Home Facial Set is an ideal gift for the mom who wants to glow but can't make it to her spa aesthetician every month. At an $82 value, this unique skincare kit is marked down to $64 with 15% off code, making it an incredibly affordable $54.50. What's more, there's free shipping!  


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3. TUSHY Bidet

TUSHY is an environmentally-friendly bidet system that saves your tush and the planet all at once. 

TUSHY offsets its carbon output with each purchase. The convenient bidet systems can be attached to any toilet without any additional plumbing or electricity. TUSHY bidets provided powerful cleaning for all your nooks and crannies in a way that is relaxing and satisfying. 


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4. InsideTracker 

For moms looking to optimize their health and wellness, InsideTracker is an awesome way to get the most out of your nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. Add years to mom's life and life to mom's years. 


InsideTracker is the ultra-personalized performance system that analyzes data from your blood, DNA, lifestyle, and fitness tracker to help you optimize your body and reach your health and wellness goals.

This science-backed system makes healthy living super simple and customizable. They do all the data work and you get customized action plans of science-backed, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle recommendations.

We all want our moms to live a long and healthy life, and InsideTracker makes that easier than ever before.

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5. Winky Lux Beauty


Winky Lux offers a whole range of skincare, makeup, gift sets, and more so you can treat your mom to a whole new look.

All of Winky Lux’s products enable self-expression and artistry and maximize self-care. From lipstick to facial oils, there’s something for everyone. 

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6. AeroGarden


Gifting your mom a bouquet of flowers that will decay within a couple of days is great and all, but what about giving her the gift of gardening so she’s never without fresh plants?

With AeroGarden you don’t need to have a green thumb or even a backyard! The grow lights and customized water bowls create optimal growing conditions for indoor and outdoor plants. 

You can even purchase kits with a built-in vacation mode so the plants can keep growing, even when no one’s home.

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7. Spongelle


Spongelle products create a self-care oasis for your mom to bask in on Mother’s Day, and any other day she chooses. 

Their multi-use products use high-quality moisturizers, botanicals, sea minerals, antioxidants, and anti-aging ingredients that make for a luxurious and convenient bathing experience. 

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8. Everlywell Health Testing


Everlywell offers at-home health kits that can be used for everything from thyroid to food sensitivity testing. 

These tests are a convenient way to monitor any changes in your body and stay on top of your health. 

With your Everlywell results, you can learn more about what foods to avoid, nutrients you need, or what action you should take to maximize your wellness. 


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9. Ariat Apparel

From walking and hiking boots to Western clothes and equestrian attire, Ariat has everything for your stylish mom. 

All of Ariat’s clothing and footwear options are designed for moms who like to be on the go, hiking, or working outdoors. 


Encouraging your mom to enjoy the great outdoors with a stylish-yet-comfortable, outdoorsy outfit, or cowboy boots, work boots, and English boots is a great first step towards helping mom prioritize her interests and hobbies of the great outdoors! 

Ariat is offering every new customer 10% off their first order as a welcome gift. 

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