20 Old Wives Tales That Can Predict Your Baby's Gender

Is it a boy or a girl? Let's find out!

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Finding out you're pregnant is one of the most exciting times in your life and you’re probably dying to know the gender of your baby.

There are numerous old wives' tales to predict your baby’s gender that might come in handy.

There are SO many reasons for wanting to know your baby’s gender right away and many parents can’t wait nine months to find out.

Expecting moms want to know how to decorate the nursery and what kind of cute baby clothes to ask for at their shower.


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Regardless of gender, we know you’ll be smitten in nine months’ time, and of course, the only way to really know for sure is to ask your doctor.


Here are 20 old wives' tales that can predict your baby's gender:

1. What kind of cravings you’re having

Some people believe that the type of cravings you experience can predict your baby’s gender.

They believe that if you experience sweet cravings for treats like chocolate and candy, you’re going to have a girl.

This is probably because, well let’s face it, girls are much sweeter than boys.

If you’re craving saltier items like potato chips and pretzels, you’re likely having a boy!

2. Morning sickness

While you could probably go without this sign, it may be a predictor of your future.

Some say that experiencing high levels of morning sickness could mean you’re having a girl! At least there’s a silver lining, right?


3. Your baby’s heart rate

You’ll have to wait until your next ultrasound to try this one out.

When your baby’s heart rate is taken pay attention to whether it’s over 140 beats per minute.

Don’t be alarmed, this could mean you’re expecting to have a little girl soon!

4. Mood swings

If your mood swings are all over the place and you can’t seem to stick to one emotion for more than five minutes, you’re probably having a girl.

Girls are more emotional in general, so it makes sense their moms would be while expecting them too!

If you’re super chill and go with the flow during your pregnancy, you could be having a boy.

5. Partner sympathy weight

Sometimes it’s common for your partner to gain weight too even though they aren’t expecting themselves.


While this could be because they’re helping you finish off all your pregnancy-craving snacks, it could also mean that you’re having a girl.

In your partner’s defense, we’ll just say it’s an indicator of your baby’s gender for now.

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6. Breaking out

While most people rave about the beautiful pregnancy glow, some women experience it differently.

If your pregnancy has brought along an annoying case of acne, you might be having a girl.

Unfortunately, she is stealing all of your beauty but don't worry, she’ll be worth it. 

If your skin is dewy and glowing, you’re having a boy.


7. Swollen legs or ankles

Many women experience a bit of water retention in their lower extremities and it’s luckily it’s not permanent.

But if your legs and/or ankles are starting to make you feel like the Michelin tire man, you might be having a boy!

8. Pregnancy dreams

Are you dreaming at night of bringing home a healthy, beautiful baby girl?

Well, guess what, you’re probably wrong!

This old wives tale claims that you will likely end up giving birth to the gender opposite of the one in your dreams.

9. Frequent headaches

If you’re experiencing frequent headaches throughout your pregnancy, you’re probably having a boy.

This one seems kind of obvious since boys are notorious for giving women headaches, right?


Save the Advil, you’ll need it after the nine months are up!

10. Feeling super clumsy

Are you tripping? Stumbling? Chances are you’re not Fergie, you’re just having a boy.

On the contrary, if you’re feeling very elegant and graceful, you’re probably having a girl.

11. Chinese gender calendar

Some Chinese cultures believe that if both your current age and the year you were conceived are even, you’re having a girl.

If they’re both odd or just one is odd, you’re having a boy.

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12. Body temperature

It’s normal for body temperature to change during a woman's pregnancy.


If you can’t stop sweating and looking for air conditioning, you’re probably having a girl.

If you’re freezing and searching for the nearest blanket, you’re having a boy.

13. Uneven breast size

It's no secret that your breasts will experience some changes during pregnancy.

While they will both increase in size, one side could feel a little more full than the other.

If you feel more full on the left side, you are likely carrying a girl. If you have more fullness on the right, it's a boy.

14. Thicker leg hair 

Do you feel like you're shaving more than ever?

This could be from higher levels of testosterone, meaning that you're having a boy!

15. Fuller face

It's totally normal to gain a little weight on your face during pregnancy.


If you're noticing chubbier cheeks than usual it could mean you're having a baby girl.

16. Urine color

Some believe that if a women's urine is lighter in color during pregnancy that she is having a girl.

Darker or more vibrantly colored urine could mean a boy, or you're dehydrated. 


17. Carrying high or low

This is one of the most common old wives' tales regarding your baby's gender.

The legend says that if you're carrying high, you're having a girl. Carrying low, it's a boy!

18. Dry or soft hands

Many believe that the answer is right in the palm of your hand, literally.

If your hands are dry and in need of some serious lotion, you're having a boy.

Soft, smooth hands mean a girl is on the way.

19. Your sleeping habits

If you find yourself sleeping on your left side, you're likely having a boy.

If you're always waking up on the right side, it's a girl.

Either way sleeping during pregnancy is a challenge

20. The key test

You already know your baby holds the key to your heart, but the way you hold a key could predict gender.


This old trick claims that if you pick up a key by the round top part, you're having a girl.

If you instantly reach for the skinny part with the teeth, you could be expecting a sweet baby boy! Either way, we know you'll be thrilled. 

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