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Woman Walks Out Of Her Baby Shower After Comments Her Mother-In-Law Made

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A woman walked out of her own baby shower after her mother-in-law refused to let her eat, and now she's asking Reddit users to tell her if she did the right thing.

The woman waited until her birthday to post to the subreddit "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA).

The woman revealed that comments about her weight by her mother-in-law were not new.

To send hints about her weight, she says her hubby’s mom does things like serve her small dishes and utensils so she can’t overeat.

Another way her mother-in-law tries to keep the woman’s weight in check is by gifting her clothes that are too small for her.

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The woman opened by saying that her sister wanted to throw her a baby shower, but her husband rejected the offer.

Instead, the husband’s sister — the woman’s sister-in-law — threw the party.

Sadly, the woman’s biological mother did not show up because her sister was being left out.

After the woman got to her baby shower, she noticed there was only cake and juice and that her mother-in-law was serving food.

The user chatted with guests and worked up an appetite, so she reached for a slice of cake.

To her surprise, her mother-in-law grabbed her arm to stop her.

The woman was told she had gained enough weight already and that, if "I keep this" up her son will not be happy living with "a large Walrus."

"I was shocked I didn't know how to react especially since she said this out loud. She looked at me in a 'sorry-not-sorry' kind of way," she wrote.

According to the poster, her sister-in-law tried to guilt her into staying, but she said the only way she would stay is if the mother-in-law left.

This sister refused and the woman’s mom came and picked her up.

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The woman went home, happy to escape the disrespect and embarrassment, but when her husband returned home, she realized the problems were just starting.

He demanded an explanation for her actions at the baby shower, and then blamed her, saying that she ruined the event over a minor insult.

She explained it was not minor to her and he began to tell her how she needed to get over how “easily offended” she is.

The husband said he didn’t want to pass that mindset down to his son, complaining that his wife had wasted all the money his sister and mother had spent.

He gave her an ultimatum, instructing her to call and apologize, but she would not.

Instead, she packed her belongings and went to her mom’s house.

Since then, the woman’s husband keeps telling her how wrong she was for leaving.

Now she is turning to Reddit to get some unbiased feedback on what happened.

Users are suspicious of the husband and his mother

Redditers were upset by what the woman had gone through with many of them giving advice and opinions in the comments.

One skeptical user said, “So your own sisters wasn't allowed to throw you a baby shower, which then cause your mum not to attend. Instead, your husband allowed his sister to throw one, where your MIL bullied you. Is he/his family trying to control you, isolate you from your family or is this a once off?”

Many readers wanted to know exactly what the husband said to the woman’s sister when he rejected her offer to host a baby shower.

She explained that her husband thinks her sister is obsessed with their baby because she is infertile — he insists that something is mentally wrong with her.

This, of course, has caused more issues in the family even leading the woman’s brother-in-law to get involved and defend his wife against the accusations.

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