8 Fun Things To Do As A Couple That Will Make You Fall In Love All Over Again

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How To Fall Back In Love? 8 Fun Things To Do When You're Bored As A Couple

Do you ever see those couples out at dinner who don’t talk to each other and just look bored? Did they run out of things to do or things to talk about together?

If you're worried about becoming like "that couple", there are ways to plan date nights and other fun things to do when you're bored as a couple that will help you learn how to fall back in love with each other if you've lost the spark, or keep it burning if you're worried it's growing dim.

I always wonder what happened in cases where couples aren't enjoying each other's time anymore or trying fun things to do with their partner. Did they agree on date nights, only to end up running through the motions? Or is this how they spend their time together, then go home and walk into separate rooms to watch TV?

It seems trivial at first to carve out time to do fun things together, but this simple solution will recreate the spark and help you learn how to fall back in love with your partner. Over time, you may become apathetic to your partner and your relationship — not that your relationship is necessarily a bad one or your partner is boring.

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It’s because you become so used to the status quo that it becomes normal. You end up feeling emotionally detached from it; you experience neither positive nor negative feelings about your relationship.

If you're a couple like this, it's time to wake up from the grind of every day and start to reconnect with your partner. You have full permission to do fun things together!

Studies have shown there is an antidote to this feeling of apathy.

If you want to learn how to fall back in love with your partner, there are two things you absolutely must do.

In your relationship, you must create variety and build a sense of appreciation with your partner.

Creating variety, fun, and a sense of play balances the monotony of the daily grind and is essential to keep the spark. The every day creates the security we all crave in relationships. However, the fun things you do together create a sense of adventure, mystery, play, and joy.

When couples first start dating, there is a sense of mystery about their partner. Wanting to know more about what makes them tick, what they like and don’t like ... couples would delve into the life and love of their perspective partner.

Couples also wanted to seem interesting and intriguing themselves, so they would focus on witty banter, interesting topics to discuss, and a variety of fun things to do as a couple. However, like the couple earlier, it’s easy to fall into familiar patterns and over time as the investment given to creating fun things to do together falls to the wayside.

Like many things in life, if you’re not present in the moment, you'll find it hard to enjoy what’s going on. There’s nothing wrong with a dinner date. However, if you’ve forgotten how to be inquisitive about who the person is sitting opposite you. you’re going to end up talking about the same old thing.

For couples, that’s usually work, the kids, finances, or the “to-do list”. Asking open questions about how your partner thinks, feels, and what they believe creates a conversation that can carry on for hours.

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However, teaming up for a fun activity and a curious question can create both variety and appreciation for the time you spend together. Plus, you get a chance to see each other in a whole new light, too!

Here are 8 things fun things to when you're bored as a couple that will help you fall in love all over again.

1. Get outdoors and go for a hike

Ask your partner, “Who was your favorite teacher growing up? Why?”

2. Take a cheese making (or other cooking) class

Ask your partner, “If you could live in any other city, where would it be?”

3. Take a "ghost tour" in your local town

Ask your partner, “What am I most afraid of? What are you most afraid of?”

4. Take athletic lessons like trapeze, dance, or sports together

Ask your partner, “What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?”

5. Go fruit picking and pack a picnic for after

Ask your partner, “What are three things you admire about me?”

6. Volunteer together

Ask your partner, “What was it that made you want to date me?”

7. Do a "murder mystery night" with friends

Ask your partner, “If you could excel at a skill you don’t already have, what would it be and why?"

8. Play tourist in your own city

Ask your partner, “Who is your hero and why?”

If you're not able to get out of the house much, why not try changing things up there? Just the novelty of doing the same thing a differently can create variety for you both. Get a deck of cards, a board game, or some other fun activity to do at home that's out of the norm. Anything fun and a little competitive can create lots of laughs.

Jump on YouTtube and take a yoga class, or dim the lights, burn some candles, and make a quiet sanctuary for yourselves. Create a cooking game where you both must make a dish using the same three ingredients.

It’s not so much about what you do, if you’re able to change the status quo, be curious about your partner, and stay mindful to appreciate the moment, you will feel the pull of love all over again.

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Julia Nowland is a relationship therapist and founder of Whole Heart Relationships. She specializes in helping couples with young children prioritize their relationship, create fun, and fall back in love.