How To Get Some HOT Single Girl Action This Valentine's Day!

Being single on Valentine’s Day sucks.

There I said it.

And it isn’t just THE day that blows, it is all the days leading up to it. It is going to your local Target only to be bombarded with Valentine Day specials. It is the questioning of friends about what you will do on that night to avoid being a lonely heart. It is the Kay Jewelers commercial that seems to be on loop during the month of February. It is all just about enough to make you loath the day that is designed to love. Oh the irony.

I’ve been there. Single as can be on Cupid’s Day. I’ve played it miserably, desperate and in denial. And none of it works. The fact of the matter is Valentine’s Day is a big, loud, flashing red in-your-face siren reminding you that you are NOT in love. And what makes it worse is are people who try to make you think otherwise.

So, instead of trying to get you all hot and bothered over being single on couple’s day, I’m going to just help you get hot and bothered which sure beats drowning your single girl blues in a box of cheap chocolate. Here goes… 4 ways to get some hot action on Valentine’s Day, single girl style:

1. Treat yourself to a new sex toy! Every girl deserves a Valentine gift to express her self-love, so why not invest in your self-satisfaction too?! Pay a visit to your local sex toy shop and stock up on the latest and greatest vibrators, prop pillows, lubes and slutty lingerie. No man required! (p.s. My friend Emily Morse of Sex with Emily is giving away tons of sex toys this month – check it out:

2. Indulge in a modern girl meets boy meets boy fantasy flick. Opening on Valentine’s Day, “This Means War” stars hottie duo Chris Pine and Tom Hardy (yum!) who battle each other out to win the affections of America’s favorite darling, Reese Witherspoon. This rom-com spiked with some ass kicking is sure to meld action and love in just the perfect way. Don’t forget the popcorn!

3. Curl up with a hot guy… from a trashy romance novel. I grew up with a mom who loved her Jackie Collins and Danielle Steele. I on the other hand thought those books were ridiculous and opted for more intellectual reads. Until I read one last year. I’ll admit it, I loved every last hot page of it. Not only was it a steamy page turner, but it WAS intellectual… teaching me all kinds of seduction tricks I’d never considered

4. Unleash your inner stripper! I remember my first pole dancing class. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I feared getting stuck on the pole or worse yet, not being able to get on it at all. I worried that my Jewish white girl genes would emerge in full force and sexy would appear crippled. But only a few minutes in, I was relaxed and feeling sexy! Candlelight and the perfect playlist filled the room and next thing I knew I was hanging upside down from a pole with total confidence!
There you have it – 4 fun ways to heat up your party of 1 Valentine’s Day. No sulky tears here, just hot, steamy action! ENJOY, Valentine!

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