8 Types Of Sexual Massages That Will Drive Your Partner Crazy With Lust

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There are many different types of massages and most importantly there are erotic massages. Sexual massages are aimed to release built-up tension and stress within the body which can help increase the receiver's well-being. Erotic massages do not necessarily have the end goal to orgasm or ejaculate but can also help people to focus on the pleasurable sensations during the experience.

If you are in a relationship, these types of erotic massage can bring couples closer together as you explore each other's bodies. Massages can also relieve sexual pains from health issues, help release your sexual muscles for sexual penetration or orgasm, release your daily anxieties, assist in relaxing someone for sleep and soothe headache pain.


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8 Types of Sexual Massage to Give Your Partner

1. Duo or Four Hands Massage

The Duo or Four Hands Massage consists of two people spending luxurious amounts of time giving the receiver's whole body a massage. The masseuse rubs massage oil on the receiver's body as well as their own.

This type of massage can normally lead to a body-to-body massage. The Duo Massage can be an overwhelming visual experience for the receiver as they view two people massage their body.

2. Nuru or Body to Body Massage

The Nuru or Body to Body Massage begins with a masseuse taking off all of his or her clothes. They place massage oil over the customer's and their own body. The massage oil that is used has no taste or odor. The masseuse then begins to rub his or her body onto the customer.


Nuru means “slippery” in Japanese. The Nuru Massage can sometimes lead to sexual intercourse depending on the person.

3. Lingam or Penis Massage

The Lingam or Penis Massage is a word that means “Wand of Light.” The wand of light refers to the male penis. The Lingam Massage consists of the masseuse honoring the natural sensations and stimulation of the penis through a massage. The massage includes the shaft, testicles, perineum, and external prostate.

With this type of erotic massage, the goal is to enjoy the full effects of a genital massage; you do not need to ejaculate, but if it does happen, they do not mind. The man receiving the massage will learn how to receive pleasure.

4. Yoni or Vagina Massage

Yoni or Vagina Massage stems from honoring, loving, and respecting the natural stimulating sensations of the vagina through massage. In Sanskrit, the term Yoni means Sacred Space or Temple. When you begin a Yoni Massage, be in a space of full relaxation which will help you to feel and accept the pleasure you are receiving.


This type of erotic massage is also about the giver enjoying the massage to help build respect and trust within a relationship. Some women use this type of massage to help release sexual health issues like anorgasmia or sexual pain. Like the Lingam Massage, the Yoni Massage does not have the goal to make the receiver have an orgasm but rather for them to enjoy the process.

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5. Tantric Massage

The Tantric Massage stems from an Indian background which includes yoga and sex therapy. Tantra is often called the “science of ecstasy” which involves the concentration of sexual awareness and spirituality between the giver and the receiver.

The receiver just focuses purely on the experiences and their personal well-being needs being met. Tantra is about following the feelings of relaxation and does not expect the recipient to orgasm.


6. Prostate Massage

The Prostate Massage stimulates the man’s prostate gland. Tantra expresses that the prostate is known as the emotional, sexual, and sacred spot of a man. When a person stimulates the prostate it releases physical and psychological pressure. The Prostate Massage can start slowly with an external prostate massage of the perineum but it will then lead to the gentle stretching of the anus.

If you have a lover or are in a relationship, if you massage the prostate it is said to be a strong experience. The Prostate Massage is often accompanied by a Lingam Massage for additional pleasure.

7. Soapy Massage

The Soapy Massage is when two people or more stand in a shower. One person or all the people are naked. The giver lathers soap within their hands or rubs the soap onto the person’s body giving them a massage. A Soapy Massage cleans them for further massaging or sex purposes.

8. Happy Ending Massage

A Happy Ending Massage is the direct stimulation of the genitals with the goal of an orgasm. A happy ending is commonly known as a hand job and can go for varying lengths of time.


If you are receiving a Happy Ending from an erotic massage parlor, it is recommended to ask how long the massage will go for, how many times can you ejaculate, and how much skill level is involved.

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