The Songs of Reconciliation: 5 Tunes for Second Chances

couple holding hands
Love, Heartbreak

Music won't solve your relationship issues, but it might remind you what you're fighting for.

So, you’re going through a breakup. There’s no doubt about it: breakup sucks. But, when you’re dealing with piecing your heart back together, your options are many. Behind door number one, you can wallow in your misery (romantic comedies and a carton of ice cream and/or gigantic bottles of wine help make this choice a little more bearable). Behind door number two, you can rebound, and go out and bed the first guy or girl who will let you. Behind door number three, you can stalk your ex (just don’t get caught….the paperwork takes forever). Or, behind door number four, you think about "how to save my relationship."

If door number four is the one you choose to enter—if "how to save my relationship" is all you can think about—the news is both good and bad.

On the bright side, most relationships are salvageable; people are continually breaking up and getting back together, breaking up and getting back together, and so on and so forth. But, on the not so bright side, reconciling isn’t a given. It requires doing one of the most difficult things of all: changing.

But, lucky for you, "how to save my relationship" and all the change that comes with it is not without a soundtrack. Sports arenas may have Queen’s "We Will Rock You," but you have these fine tunes:

1. "I Won’t Give Up" by Jason Mraz: The reason this song made this list is kind of self-explanatory. The message is simple: don’t give up on your love if you know that they’re worth it.

2. "I’m Gonna Be" by the Proclaimers: This song may be about a relationship that hasn’t yet ended, but it also has a certain tone of resilience to it, like the song you’d blare at full volume until someone relents and lets you have your way. Being persistent is an important thing to be when rebuilding a relationship. Giving up too early might mean missing out on something great.

3. "You Can’t Hurry Love" by Phil Collins: It may be an oldie, but its message still rings true in 2014. You can’t hurry love, no matter how expedited you want the process. Like Phil says, you just have to wait. This is a good lesson to remember when attempting to reconcile. You must give your ex time and have patience. Asking for a second chance before they’re ready is likely to move them further away from you, rather than drawing them in.

4. "Don’t Stop Believing" by Journey: This song is synonymous with dance floors—it comes on and one girl gets up and proclaims "this is my song” when it’s everybody’s song. Still, though it may be the last song played at every single wedding reception, it is also applicable to getting back together. The second you stop believing, your journey with that particular girl or guy is over.

5. "You and Tequilla" by Kenny Chesney: This song is about a guy who can’t stay away from his ex, despite him knowing she’s not good for him. While not really a song you want to hear when attempting a relationship comeback, it is a good reminder that reconciling must be done for the right reasons. Getting back together for the wrong ones—you don’t want to be alone, you were invested in one another, you’re getting older and worried that you’ll run out of baby-making time—is going down a path that probably won’t end all that well.

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