Attention Party Planners! 7 Tips For Hosting A Stellar Sex Toy Party

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Let's get this party started!

When is talking about sex, sex toys and pleasure NOT fun? Why not combine these fun topics with getting together with friends?

A sex toy party is much different from your typical get together. Hosting a sex toy party will definitely hit it off with your friendseveryone has fun and learns something very important.

You don't need to have a reason to throw an adult sex toy or romance party! However, these parties are a great idea for a girls' night, bachelorette party or birthday party.

Are you wondering how to plan a sex toy party? Use these 7 steps to host your own adult toy party for your friends.

1. Find The Right Sex Toy Consultant

Say goodbye to equality when looking for sex toy consultants or representatives. Some do it for fun and to make extra money, while others do it because they're interested in teaching you about sex toys and pleasure.

The same is true for sex toy party companiesthey're very different. Ask around for a reputable company or Google local consultants in your area.

Some sex toy consultants and companies are all about entertainment with little substance, while other companies care about the customer having fun while featuring quality products and providing useful information.

Once you find someone, make sure that you feel comfortable with them and they're someone who you could see yourself being friends with (if personalities clash from the very beginning, it's wise to find someone else who might be a better fit).

Make sure that you tell the sex toy consultant the following:

  • About yourself.
  • About your friends. (This is especially important if there is anyone attending the party from another country).
  • Why you want to host a sex toy party.
  • If you have ever hosted a sex toy party before or attended a sex toy party.
  • If there are any specific products that you want to see.
  • What products, if any, you own.
  • If you plan on having any other entertainment or vendors.

Be sure to ask the consultant the following questions:

  1. What is your knowledge and background?
  2. Will there be products for beginner and advanced users?
  3. Will there be products in a variety of price ranges?
  4. How do you keep the presentation fun and interesting?
  5. Are there rewards for the host?
  6. Do you carry inventory or will products be shipped?
  7. How soon will I get my order?

A good sex toy party consultant needs the proper training and education about not only the toys that they're selling but also sexual health, wellness and pleasure. They should only feature adult toys and sex accessories that are body-safe and healthy, while helping you understand what makes you feel good and why.

Also, if they're giving off a pushy vibe or call/text/email you none stop, that's a good indication that they're more interested in the high pressured sale versus having fun and teaching you about sex toys and pleasure.

2. Set Expectations

Invite friends who are open minded. Usually, the more people you invite, the more fun it will be! 

For invitations these days, a text or an evite is sufficient. Make it casual because of the subject matter. This is a fun event where friends get together and talk about sex.

Let your friends know what to expect. If you're hosting a bachelorette or birthday party, it's ok if the bride/guest of honor is not aware that a sex toy party is about to happen (although you should know whether or not your friend will be into this type of event), but the rest of the guests should know the agenda.

You don't want to offend your guests and you also want people who will take this topic seriously.

Also, it's wise to let your friends know that they'll pass around the all products and they'll get to touch and taste everything. Many people think—especially men—that women get naked and try all the toys. That's not what happens! No one tries any sex toys!

3. Choose Your Party

Sex toys parties come in all shapes and sizes. Some companies offer different kinds of sex toy parties with different themes, like "Intro to BDSM" and "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Most of the time, these parties are all-women events. However, some companies allow coed parties. Check with your consultant if men are welcome.

4. Sex Toy Food And Drinks

Good food and drinks is an essential part of hosting an amazing party. At a sex toy party, it's fun to play with the food and drinks and make everything sex/romance related.

Suggestive food make things more fun and light and definitely get the conversation going. See our Pinterest board for interesting recipes and ideas here.

5. Get The Conversation Flowin'

A good consultant will help guests feel comfortable by being easy to talk to and knowledgeable about sex and the products. They will (try to) get the guests involved and help them feel less embarrassed about the subject.

Once your friends realize that there's nothing awkward about sex or sex toys, they will be much more enthusiastic and willing to participate.

However, sometimes no matter what the consultant does, people are not comfortable opening up and talking about sex. Make sure the consultant offers an opportunity to take questions after the presentation.

6. Ordering The Products

Decide with your friends how you want the ordering process to take place. Some people and consultants like to have orders done in a private room.

This allows guests to ask questions embarrassing to them about asking in front of the group. It also allows guests to keep their bedroom adventures to themselves. 

However, sometimes some groups don't care who's around and have no issue with ordering products in front of their friends.

7. No Judgment Allowed

A sex toy party is a fun event for most people but there are some who are just not interested. Do not judge and realize that sex and sex toys are a taboo subject that many people are not comfortable sharing with others.

Meanwhile, you should also not pass judgment on those who order products or do not order products. What happens in the bedroom is their business and if they choose not to share, there's nothing you can really do about it.

What Are You Waiting For? Start Planning!

Hosting a sex toy party is all about the fun. It's a way for adults to get the pleasure-based sex education they need...or missed at school!

After all, pleasure is a birthright and EVERYONE should take advantage of that!

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This article was originally published at My Secret Soiree's Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.