How To Talk Dirty To Your Man & Phrases To Make Him Want You

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Keeping your love life fun, exciting, and interesting is vital if you want it to last with your man. That's why I am going to show you exactly how to talk dirty to your man.

I am going to get to the good stuff in just a minute (i.e., the actual phrases to use on your man during sex or when sexting), but before I do, there are a few vital ground rules for talking dirty I have to cover first.

Well, don't think of them so much as “rules,” but more like dirty talk guidelines to make sure the flirty things you say or text have their intended effect. This is so that you don't come off sounding weird, or worse, sounding like a sex-crazed stalker!

How to Talk Dirty

Men are visual creatures, it’s true, but they also love hearing your excitement and desire to participate.

Hearing that you're turned on at the thought of turning him on can really get a guy motivated and start foreplay off right. And knowing what to say and when to say it can be incredibly helpful — especially for someone who isn't familiar or comfortable with talking dirty.

And if you’re uncertain of what kind of dirty things you should say to your boyfriend to turn him on, you can relax. You’re not alone.

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Learning how to talk dirty can be easier if you think about sex as a meal that unfolds over several courses.

Sampling just the right amount of appetizers and drinks beforehand can get you even more excited for the main course, but if you go overboard on the breadsticks, the rest of the meal simply isn't going to seem as appetizing anymore.

There’s a certain balance to aim for between some hot and spicy dirty talk and overdoing it, and this guide will give you a great step in the right direction.

So, if you're looking for ways to get your man hot and bothered, look no further!

First, take note of these three ground rules:

1. Ease into it.

The first rule or guideline is that you need to "start like a snail." In other words, you need to start very slowly when whispering, saying, and texting sexy things to your boyfriend, so only try two or three phrases at first. This is so you can gauge the reaction of your man to what you say.

If he seems to get really turned on by the examples that I'm going to give you, you can keep going, pushing it a little further each time. But if it seems to weird him out after trying one or two phrases, then you can tone things down a bit.

Starting slowly also works to build your confidence. If you aren't already comfortable with the idea of telling your man naughty, sexy, and even dirty things, by starting slowly, you'll put much less pressure on yourself.

2. Adapt and adjust

The list of sexy examples below is nothing more that, a list of examples. If you aren't quite as kinky, don't feel like you have to use them. Instead, try adapting them to slightly less kinky and sexy phrases.

If you're even kinkier and get a great response from your man and want to try even sexier things, adapt from there and start trying to form your own sexy phrases.

3. Don't go overboard with the dirty talk.

Remember that talking sexy or dirty is just the seasoning

Man, this can get frustrating. I often get emails asking, "What did I do wrong, Sean? I've been talking sexy to my boyfriend non-stop. At first it worked great, but now it seems to be annoying him. What happened?"

It's very simple — they went overboard.

Instead of using sexy talk as a seasoning or spice to sprinkle over their relationship and sex life, they tried using it as the main course. Imagine eating only spices for your meals. You'd probably be dead in a week!

Now, let's learn some sexy things to text or say to your man!

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Here are 17 examples of dirty talk phrases:

Try sexting or whispering them to your man in the bedroom!

1. "You look so hot in jeans and a T-shirt." (Or whatever clothes you like.)

2. "I can't wait to just get you home."

3. "I need to feel you on me so bad."

4. "When I saw you walk in, I could feel myself instantly get aroused."

5. "Tonight I'm going to give you a little surprise." (Works great as a text)

6. "I was thinking of having a stay-in-bed day on Saturday; what do you think?"

7. "Why is it so hot just watching you concentrate?"

8. "If we didn't have to be at work/in this bar/at this event, I would drag you straight home."

9. "What color bra do you think I'm wearing?" (You can swap this with panties too.)

10. "I get so turned on when you pin me down."

11. "There is something about you grabbing my hair at the back of my head that makes me just melt."

12. "I was daydreaming about you today, and it was hot." (Perfect as a text message.)

13. "Do you prefer blowjobs or handjobs?"

14. "If you had to make a list of your favorite sex positions, where would you put doggy?"

15. "I know you are usually in charge in the bedroom, but I sort of want to tie you up. I think it would be hot."

16. "Would you mind if I cooked naked for you?" (No guy will refuse this!)

17. "If I promised to be your slave for the night, what would you make me do?"

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