34 Dirty Things To Say To A Man During Hot, Passionate Sex

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woman saying dirty things to a man in bed

There's only ever been one area in my life where I've been quiet, and that's during sex. I never quite know the right things to say during sex.

I don't know why, but when the lights go off and we get undressed, suddenly I'm struck dumb — and I promise you it's not out of awe and wonder. I think it's more that I'm always worried about sounding like an idiot when I try to talk dirty during sex.

My current boyfriend is very aurally-centered in the bedroom. Nothing turns him on more than a girl running her mouth during sex.

His passion for talking dirty during sex has made it easier for me to explore my dirty talking side, and I have found I like it so much I can't believe I was silent for so long!

There are so many great benefits to talking dirty during sex. Some people who talk dirty during sex find they actually enjoy sex more, and others report having stronger orgasms. If that doesn't make you curious to try it out for yourself, I don't know what will...

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If you're eager to learn some dirty things to say in bed but are at a loss as to where to begin, I've got you covered.

34 Dirty Things To Say To A Man During Sex

Dirty Things to Say During Sex

1. "Oh my f*cking god!"

2. "You make me so wet."

3. "My whole body is shaking."

4. "I never want to get out of this bed."

5. "Never stop."

6. "I love the way you fill me up."

7. "I can't control myself when we're together."

8. "I need you."

9. "Please baby, please."

10. "Let's stay here forever."

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Hot Things to Say in Bed to Tell a Man What You Want

11. "Yes, just like that."

12. "Harder."

13. "I love it when you play with me down there."

14. "Touch me right here." (Then place his hand wherever "here" is.)

15. "I want to put you in my mouth."

16. "Your hands feel amazing."

17. "F*ck me now."

18. "When you do that thing with your tongue, I melt."

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Things to Say in Bed to Turn Him On

19. "You make me want to scream."

20. "You make me feel so good."

21. "Does that feel good?"

22. "You taste amazing."

23. "I want you."

24. "I can't get enough of you."

25. "You were made to be inside me."

26. "Nobody turns me on like you do."

27. "I could have an orgasm just from looking into your eyes."

28. "I couldn't help but touch myself and think about you all day today."

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Things to Say That Describe Your Fantasties

29. "I've been thinking about your penis all day."

30. "Spank me and tell me I've been a bad girl."

31. "Pull my hair."

32. "I love being your little sl*t."


33. "I want you to tie me up and treat me like your toy."

34. "Can I suck your thumb?"

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