8 Simple-But-Powerful Tips To Make A Man Orgasm Fast & Hard

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You'll be really glad to know that learning how to make a guy orgasm fast and hard is surprisingly simple.

In the tips below, I will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to pleasing your man, offering strategies you can use if you're serious about giving your man a powerful orgasm and making him come really hard.

These 8 easy-to-follow but powerful tips will help blow your man's mind better than ever before.


How to Make a Guy Come Fast And Hard

1. Be enthusiastic.

Remember that It's OK to be nervous, but you do need to be passionate. If you don't have that much sexual experience, then you may be nervous or even feel awkward when you get sexual with your man. That is totally normal. You're not different from anyone else.

But just because you are feeling nervous, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be passionate. If you are excited about what you're doing, then your man will be a very turned on, even if you are not very experienced and don't know what to do.

So if you are having sex and not totally sure about what you should be doing, then just become more passionate. In this case, you'd start thrusting back onto your man, grabbing and holding him tighter, scratching his back and moaning louder than usual.


2. Use your hands and your mouth.

A penis is by far the most sensitive part of his body. So if you want to know how to give your partner an orgasm, then you must pay attention to it.

One way to give it some attention is to gently hold it in your hands and stimulate it that way. Simply use the same grip as when you grab an umbrella, except you need to be a bit softer. Then start to move your hand up and down over it.

3. Focus on the top of his penis.

The top of it is where you'll find the most nerve endings. In other words, it's the part of his penis where he gets most pleasure from. So make sure to focus a good deal of attention on it.

4. Find out what he likes and if he has any specific fetishes.

When learning how to make a guy orgasm, you'll find that it's far easier to make him ejaculate when you do things that really turn him on.


If you really want to turn him on and make him orgasm quickly, then you need to find out what his fetishes and kinks are.

Once you know, start incorporating them into your sex life. You'll quickly realize how helpful they are to giving your man stronger orgasms.

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5. Be open to trying new things and different positions.

Remember that every person is different. Some get turned on by things like seeing you wearing revealing clothing, while others find things like watching porn to be a huge turn-on for them.

Think of sex as an adventure that you're ready to navigate with your partner.


6. Start slow.

Start slow when getting sexual with your man. I'm referring to foreplay. When you can drag it out and slowly build up to getting sexual with your man, you are building a lot of anticipation.

This anticipation will get your man's brain buzzing, wondering what you are planning for him. All this wondering, imagining and thinking is going to seriously turn your man on and make whatever you do to him that much more enjoyable.

7. Learn good sex techniques.

The best way to get him to orgasm is to know what you're doing. Try new sex positions and really spice things up! He'll thank you later while he's having an explosive male {{ orgasm }}.

Talk dirty: Getting a little down and dirty with your word choice can put him in the right mood.


Give a stellar blowjob: Giving your partner a good blow job is a lot easier than many people would have you think. So when going down on them, try to focus most of your attention and effort on stimulating the top of his member with your lips, mouth, tongue to make him orgasm hard.

Put your thumb up his butt (with his consent, of course): Stimulating a man's prostate, if he's open to it, can give him stronger orgasms than he's ever experienced.

Tell him what to do: Many men love it when a lady takes control. It's no secret that men are conditioned to take control in the bedroom — and in every aspect of life, actually. The act of submitting to a sexy woman can be a great way to give him a powerful release.

Make eye contact: As Tyra Banks once said, smile with your eyes. Look him in the eyes while you are giving him a blow job or having sex. That is, if you are looking for a steamy time.


8. Surprise him.

Seducing your man when he least expects it is a great way to get a man off.

Maybe he just finished up a work meeting or is on his way for a work dinner — and boom! There you are.

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How long does it usually take for a man to have an orgasm?

Some people ejaculate within two minutes, some take approximately half an hour. Research shows that on average it takes somewhere from 5 to 7 minutes for a man to have an orgasm and ejaculate.

It really depends on the people involved.

What causes a man to not be able to climax?

Relationship problems, stress, early sexual trauma are psychological causes of delayed ejaculation. Certain health conditions, mental health issues and medications may also be the cause.

If your man is having trouble having orgasms, encourage him to consult a physician.

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Sean Jameson is a sex coach and creator of the Bad Girl's Bible, a resource for women who are looking to improve their intimate lives and have more fun with their partners.