Ever Since I Had My First Prostate Orgasm They Just Keep On COMING

Yes, Virginia, they do exist.

Ever Since I Learned How To Have A Prostate Orgasm They Just Keep COMING Weheartit

A lot has been said about g-spot orgasms and gushing/squirting orgasms for women. A lot by me in fact. Specifically, I’ve talked at length about the impressiveness of the gushing orgasm, something that seems to be directly connected to the g-spot orgasm suddenly being achieved from clitoral stimulation, or even lighter, more subtle stimulation.

I refer to this as "flipping a switch," because those women I know who have been able to transition from the gushing orgasm only being an occasional thing directly connected to intense g-spot stimulation (usually via a brute force g-spot stimulator like the nJoy Eleven or the Pure Wand) to something they experience on a more and more frequent occurrence without any direct g-spot stimulation at all.


I’ve even heard a few women lament that once the switch was flipped on, there was no going back. (My good friend Shira B once texted me asking how to stop it!)

I don’t know why, but I'd never considered the same might be true of the epic orgasms achieved by prostate stimulation.


I suppose it’s partly because prostate orgasms are so rare in my experience ... and in the media ... and in general conversation.

They’re also fairly hard to describe. And let’s face it, we orgasming men are lucky enough to have VERY easy to describe orgasms. (Hint: It usually involves ejaculation.)

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The lack of easy to find descriptions of prostate orgasms, both from givers and havers, is what partly caused me to still debate whether that was even what I'd actually experienced last year like I thought I had, courtesy of an amazing Blonde. But no, after talking to everybody (perhaps an exaggeration, but I talked to a lot of people) about it, the general consensus is that my tremor-inducing, extended sequence of spasms was indeed the elusive prostate orgasm.


So a funny thing happened since then. I think my switch was flipped.

I’ve had a few minor prostate orgasms since then that resulted directly from prostate stimulation and didn't include ejaculation. These felt the same as that major orgasm I had last year but were a bit shorter and lighter.

Each resulted in the same kind of uncontrollable tremors that only seem to increase in sensation, each caused me to involuntarily draw my knees up to my chest and each caused aftershocks for a period of time afterward.

Can I describe the feeling? Not really. Ejaculation always leaves me feeling drained, as though Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper’s crazy notions about the depletion of Precious Bodily Fluids was actually true. This is why, in fact, I work especially hard to please my lady before having one as a policy because once that orgasm comes I find it difficult to even focus my eyes occasionally.

But these prostate orgasms ... I've even found myself laughing throughout the tremors.

Fascinating. Exhilarating.

So the switch?

Well, the tremors started appearing during “traditional” orgasms that include ejaculation. Often just after an orgasm, I’d be able to ride the wave for a good thirty seconds to a minute, whereas, as I’m sure many of my male-bodied friends out there will agree, most of them are a shoot-sensation-done kind of affair.


Then last Saturday night I experienced something new.

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After a particularly vigorous play session with mutual oral stimulation (am I the only one who finds those specific words VERY sexy?) I came — a big traditional orgasm, indeed. Then I lay down next to the amazing woman who brought me there and started to shake.

The tremors that turned out to be the final wave just lapped and lapped, rising and falling, hitting alternately heavily and softly, on and on.

For perhaps fifteen minutes.



Now I’ve wondered about these tremors in the past because occasionally I feel like I jumpstart them mentally. This has led me to wonder if there was a set of mental gymnastics I was doing subconsciously to convince myself I was feeling something.

But then I discarded that thought, because if I can mentally cause an orgasm, does that make it less real?

And if I can mentally achieve the sensation of orgasm without the stimulation, is that somehow fake?

No. They ALL come from my head anyway. They all come from all of our heads, don’t they?

I'm unsure where this leads now. Will these tremor orgasms be a part of all of my orgasms now? They don’t seem to occur when I’m "taking care of myself," which might suggest an openness to them in paired situations. (I’m often just looking to shoot and go to bed when on my own.)


All I do know is that a switch has been flipped, and I have one very important woman to thank for flipping it the first time, and then those who have flipped it since.

I can’t wait to see how they grow and change.

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