7 Crazy, Bizarre Things You NEVER Knew About The Male Orgasm

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Things You Didn't Know About The Male Orgasm

Have you ever wondered why some guys don't ejaculate when they orgasm, or whether a guy has a G-spot? Yeah, we did too. So we did a little digging and came up with the seven shocking facts you need to know about the male orgasm.

1. Orgasm and ejaculation aren't the same thing.

It's true — a man is capable of climaxing without ejaculating seminal fluid. In fact, a small percentage of men have "dry" orgasms only, as opposed to the majority who are blessed with the comb-O.

2. Sperm could outpace an Olympic runner.

When first ejaculated, sperm can top out at 28 MPH, which happens to be the same speed as Olympic runner Usain Bolt. So could that mean Bolt’s sperm has a genetic advantage, too?

3. Men also have G-spots.

In fact, they have three of these orgasm-stimulating spots, depending on who you ask. There's the frenulum (that stretchy band of tissue connected to the head), the perineum, and the prostate gland. Extra props to the gal or guy who goes looking for number three.

4. Most dudes are seven-minute men.

From soup to nuts, the average man requires seven minutes to pop his weasel.

5. Ejaculate comes in bulk.

It's estimated that most men will release fourteen gallons of ejaculate over the course of their lifetime.

6. Men have a "point of no return."

The famed sex researchers Masters and Johnson coined the phrase "Ejaculatory Inevitability" after concluding that most men will orgasm after a certain amount of stimulation. That's why you'll never hear a guy say, "I don’t know, it just went away."

7. Men's orgasms are much shorter than women's.

While men have more dependable orgasms, they are also significantly shorter than a woman's. Women will usually hit 20 seconds, while men can clock in anywhere from 5-22 seconds of bliss.