The REAL Reason Your Guy Climaxes Wayyyy Too Fast

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The REAL Reason Your Guy Orgasms Wayyyy Too Fast

As the dynamics in your relationship change, the time in which he climaxes does, too.

We’ve heard some women state that they believe men who orgasm quickly are having lots of sex. How backwards is that? It’s actually just the opposite. One reason a man climaxes too quickly is because he’s excited, usually about a new sexual conquest.

Like women love new shoes, we love new sexual experiences. Don’t get us wrong: we love old sexual experiences, too, especially if it’s been a long time since our last visit. When you finally let us past the pearly gates, we have spent so much energy on the chase that once we arrive, the energy built up has to dispense and out it goes like a bomb.

Then you look at us and we look at you like, Oops, sorry... I’ll be ready next time. Give us a few seconds and we pray that we’ll be back before you change your mind.


Often, we climax quickly because we’re not as sexually active as you may think. There’s a lot of built-up energy that has to go somewhere. Foreplay takes a great deal of that energy away, so the time a woman is holding out burns up valuable sexual minutes. By the time you say yes, we are so surprised and happy that two seconds later, out the energy goes.

Now, this is all under the assumption that he doesn’t have some sort of medical problem, which we don’t advise. Assuming that his performance isn’t consistently two minutes or under, it’s probably not a medical issue.

If you’re new to us, a new experience can easily turn into an hour just because it’s new, and we intentionally want to make it last. We know the golden rule: Longer is better. But if you’re having relations on a regular basis, it becomes more of an intimate situation than a sexual one.

As the dynamics in your relationship change, the time in which he climaxes does, too. When you’re a woman he’s just met, he’s going to give you his best and longest. Later in the relationship, he won’t be thinking about time anymore. It’ll just depend on how good he wants to make you feel.


An unselfish man will control and hold his orgasm until you get yours to make sure you’re satisfied. With concentration, we can control our climax, but this usually requires some far-off thought. A selfish man is just going to get his and not be concerned about whether you get yours. This is a big clue to tell you if he’s about himself or about the relationship.

We do have some tricks to deal with this problem, though you might not like some of our solutions. We know how important it is to satisfy you, because if we don’t, our chances for return visits will be doomed. To make sure we’ll be good, some of us will call another girl over before we see you and sleep with her first so that we’ll be ready for you later.

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