7 Women Reveal The #1 Thing They've Learned About Sex From Using Toys

The sex toy taboo is over.

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Sex sells, but we all knew that. What sells even more are sex toys! Who doesn't have a stash of goodies somewhere around their home, just barely out of hand's reach, and ready, at any moment, for a fun time?

Once something you could only find in a shady sex shop on the "wrong" side of town, sex toys are now the mainstream. So mainstream, in fact, that both Trojan and Durex have products that you can pick up at your closest pharmacy. People are using sex toys more than ever and not being ashamed to do so.


With most people owning sex toys, here are some sex toy tips that owners and users have learned. Take notes, you guys.

1. Always remove the batteries before traveling.

"I was going to Europe for a few months and of course I was bringing my vibrator with me. I had traveled with it in the past, but this time in my rush to catch my flight, I tossed it in my carry-on and didn't remove the battery. I don't know exactly what set it off, but it started vibrating while I was in line to go through security. Not only did it scare the sh*t out of me, but it made me really happy I was in that long line so it happened there, instead of when it went through the airport detectors. Awkward!" — Jackie, 30


2. More expensive doesn't mean better.

"I got a really expensive vibrator from a sex toy party I was covering for work. Having only used vibrators $30 and under in the past, I assumed it was going to blow my mind, but no. It was the worst! To this day, my favorite vibrator is a free one I got from Babeland when I showed them my 'I Voted!' sticker in the 2008 presidential election." — Lauren, 31

3. Always have new batteries on tap and ready to go.



"Batteries! Always make sure you have plenty of all necessary sizes, as it is hard to explain to the kids in the morning why there are no batteries in the TV or XBox remote. And after they've been used in the evening it's not a sound parenting move to give them back." — Tara, 36

4. Never give up the chance to experiment.

"Oh, hey that doesn't feel so bad in my butt after all." — Amelia, 33

5. Don’t expect that everyone knows the nightstand drawer is the "sex drawer."

"I find that other people freak out a lot about the 'sex drawer' much more than I do. My younger brother is staying in my apartment right now and my friend was like, 'Did you tell him not to open the nightstand drawer?!' I said no because, hopefully, he has enough sense not to do that. And she said, 'Well maybe he doesn't!' I said, 'Well if he does, then he'll realize I'm a 27-year-old woman.' I don't get the big hush-hush surrounding the whole sex toy thing. We're all adults, right? So basically, I guess being open about sex paraphernalia has taught me that grown ass adults are still really weird about sex." — Sabrina, 27


6. Know how to properly clean them.

"Hard plastic is easier to clean and disinfect than any other material. DO NOT put them in the dishwasher. These are all lessons I learned when I was a bored housewife/sex toy peddler." — Colleen, 30


7. Sharing is not caring.

"In college, a friend of mine was staying in our house. I let her sleep in my bed because she wasn't feeling well and I took the couch. I'd forgotten one of my vibrators was under the pillow... and, yes, she used it, and no, she didn't think anything was weird about that. Maybe that's why our friendship didn't survive past senior year." — Holly, 29