These 50 Sexy "Never Have I Ever Questions" Will Change EVERYTHING

Can you handle the truth?

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"Never Have I Ever" might sound like a childish game, but it's actually a pretty great way to get to know your friends on even deeper (and sometimes much naughtier) level. 

If you've never played before, the rules are simple. Sitting in a circle, each person takes a turn asking a question in the following format: 

"Never have I ever ... peed myself laughing."

If you have peed yourself laughing, you have to take a sip from your drink, revealing all of your most embarrassing antics to the room at large.


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Personally, I think this party game is at it's best when the questions are all about your sex life. This is because I am a pervert, but also because when you really dig into someone's sex life you learn so much more about them. 

The weird and awkward things that happen to us all during sex are part of what brings as together as human beings. 

To that end, I present you with a list of the 50 best dirty Never Have I Ever questions that are positively guaranteed to turn your party into the place to be!


Never have I ever...

  1. Lost my virginity.
  2. Had sex in public.
  3. Had anal sex.
  4. Farted during sex.
  5. Had a nip slip.
  6. Drunk dialed an ex.
  7. Had a one night stand.
  8. Been fisted.
  9. Stimulated a man’s prostate.
  10. Had multiple orgasms.
  11. Cheated on someone.
  12. Bleached my anus.

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  13. Had sex at work.
  14. Masturbated on an airplane.
  15. Taken recreational drugs.
  16. Regretted a sexual experience.
  17. Been to a strip club.
  18. Hired a sex worker.
  19. Gone commando.
  20. Given a blowjob.
  21. Had period sex.
  22. Used a butt plug.
  23. Used a strap-on.
  24. Had a threesome.
  25. Been to a sex party.
  26. Had a sexual fantasy about a friend.
  27. Watched porn.
  28. Watched porn with a partner.
  29. Been caught watching porn.
  30. Squirted during sex.
  31. Gone skinny dipping.
  32. Had kinky sex.
  33. Sent nudes.
  34. Hooked up with an ex just for sex.
  35. Had a friend with benefits.
  36. Lied about the number of people you’ve slept with.
  37. Kiss a member of the same sex.
  38. Given a hand job.
  39. Used ben wa balls.
  40. Cancelled plays to stay home and masturbate.
  41. Forgotten the condom.

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  42. Lied about being in love just to get laid.
  43. Had sex with an animal.
  44. Been vajazzled. 
  45. Had a sex dream about a celebrity. 
  46. Tongue kissed my own cousin. 
  47. Been turned on by something weird.
  48. Had sex in an airplane. 
  49. Had oral sex in a moving car. 
  50. Had Skype sex.

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