4 Crazy-Kinky Games That Will Drive You Both WILD

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I don't think there's an easier way to spice things up and inject some fun into your relationship than by using some of these hot and kinky foreplay games with your man. You'll find that some of them are quite kinky and a little out there, while others may even seem tame.

The key is finding the ones that excite both you and your man and then trying them out together. So, let's learn some hot and fun foreplay sex games.

Foreplay Game #1: First One To Break


Without a doubt, my favorite foreplay game that I teach is "First One To Break." This foreplay game is so easy to play, and thankfully it doesn't require any craziness or kinkiness from either of you.

To play it, both you and your man start off in your underwear. Your man will be in a pair of briefs or boxer shorts and you will be in panties and a bra. Next, you need to hop into bed or just find somewhere comfortable around the house, like the living room. The goal that both of you will have during this game is to try to make the other person "break" and initiate or ask for sex.

To do this, you need to use all the techniques in your arsenal, from kissing to massaging your man and even running your hands over his crotch and massaging that, too. Meanwhile, he will do the exact same to you, trying his best to turn you on and make you "break" and initiate or ask for sex.

The main rule that both of you must observe when playing this game is that neither you nor your man can take off your underwear... unless one of you can't take it anymore and "breaks."

Wondering why this foreplay game works so well? The simple reason is that it's fantastic at building sexual tension all the way up to the point where one of you will literally do almost anything for sex.

Foreplay Game #2Just The Tip

This is a really awesome variation of the previous foreplay game. This time, instead of having your underwear on, take it off. The rules are exactly the same, except this time, you can both tease each other right up to the point where your man is just barely entering you with "just the tip" of his penis. You can even tease him with oral sex by licking his penis with your tongue.

This sex game is, again, great for building sexual tension and keeping each other on edge. The goal is to try to make your man ask or beg for the full thing by turning him on as much as possible without giving in yourself. The fun thing is that your man is doing the exact same thing himself.

The winner is the person who holds out the longest. The loser has to do something for the winner, like giving them oral sex or bringing them breakfast in bed.

Foreplay Game #3: Strip Poker


Everyone's heard of "strip poker" as a foreplay game. The idea is that the person who loses each round has to take off a piece of clothing. But the truth is, not everybody enjoys strip poker. The problem is that there are too many rules to learn when playing strip poker to make it fun. It often ends up getting a bit too serious, which kills the mood.

Thankfully, there are a lot of fun alternatives to playing strip poker with your man. Instead of playing poker, you can try using quiz questions from a game like "Trivial Pursuit" or even questions based on your favorite book, TV show or movie. I always advise couples to decide on a game that they both really enjoy and use that to decide who takes off their clothes.

Foreplay Game #4: Tease Him with Your Clothes

This next foreplay game is very simple. It's about teasing your man to the point that he, literally, wants to rip your clothes off and take you right then and there.

The next time you're alone, wear something that you know your man adores — a sweater, a pair of yoga pants, or even some lingerie and a pair of stilettos. Then when you're both alone, act as if nothing is different, except make sure to tease and touch him more than usual.

When he tries to escalate physically, gently rebuff him and say, "Not now honey. Maybe later." Doing this is incredible for building sexual tension and a passionate desire in him. Just remember not to tease him for more than an hour or two; otherwise, he may end up feeling more frustrated than anything else.


These four kinky foreplay games will definitely add spice to your relationship, but foreplay is just one aspect of having great sex. Another aspect is learning how to talk dirty to your man. This instructional video on talking dirty will get you up to speed fast. If you want my most powerful and kinky oral sex tips, you can find them all in this tutorial video.