4 Super-Hot Sex Games Guaranteed To Make His Penis Very Happy

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4 Fun Free Sex Games (& Kinky Foreplay Ideas) To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Ever find yourself bored with the same ol', same ol' when it comes to sex? If so, then you are like the vast majority of other couples out there, so don't worry.

To keep things fun, interesting and very naughty, here are four sex games that you can use to spice things up in the bedroom and learn how to have great sex that's pleasurable for both you and your man.

You will notice that some of these bedroom games are on the tame side, while others are very much on the kinkier side when comes to sexy ideas for things to try in bed.

Don't feel like you need to try them all. Only try the ones you're comfortable with.

Oh, and make sure to talk to your man about them so you are both on board before diving in.

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Without further ado, here are four hot sex games to spice things up in the bedroom — and start learning how to have great sex!

1. The Tie Down

I'm going to start off with one of the kinkiest sex games you can try: tying your man down to the bed and "having your way with him." Sounds like fun, right? It is, but you need to get a few things right if you want it to go really well.

First, you need to discuss it with your man to make sure that he is comfortable with being tied down. If he is not, then discuss it further to see if you can change his mind. Whatever you do though, do not force it on him. That's a recipe for absolute disaster.

Next, you need to agree on a "safe word" to use in case things get out of hand. Once he says this word, you need to stop what you're doing and make sure he's OK and not in any pain or distress.

Keep in mind, you'll need to find something to tie your man down with. For many, stockings or neck ties are perfect. Others want something a little sturdier. If you want something sturdier, then just Google "bondage restraints" and you'll find a huge selection of restraints to use on your man.

When tying him down, you can just tie his arms down by the wrists; or, if you want to have him fully restrained, then you can tie his legs down, too. Once he's tied down, you are in total control, so straddle him and start having your way with him.

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2. Dice Play

That last bedroom game is more on the domination, kinky side of things. If you are looking for a game for the bedroom that's a little lighter and will help ease you into the idea of playing bedroom games with your man, then you should try the dice game.

To play it, you are going to need a pair of regular dice with six sides. Next, you need to take a piece of paper and a pen. You are going to use the pen and paper to make two lists of six items each.

On the first list, write down sex action verbs. Here's an example:

  1. Kiss
  2. Suck
  3. Massage
  4. Lick
  5. Nibble
  6. Stroke

On the second list, write down a list six erogenous zones, like this:

  1. Lips
  2. Breasts/Nipples
  3. Neck
  4. Butt
  5. Crotch
  6. Ears

Remember that these are just examples, so feel free to substitute them for your own action verbs and erogenous zones if you like.

Once you have your list made, take turns at rolling the dice. When the dice come to a stop, match the numbers on the dice to the action verbs and erogenous zone. So, if you roll a "1" first and then a "6," that means you need to kiss your man's ears for ten seconds. Once you do this, then it's your man's turn.

The really great thing about the dice game is that it's incredibly easy to play and not so kinky that it will put him off.

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3. Calendar Of Positions

Another easy to play sex game is what I like to call the "Calendar of Positions." In this game, you will need a calendar and a list of sex positions. You can start with five or fifty positions; it's really up to you how many you pick.

Then, you just need to add a new sex position to your calendar each day.

It's especially fun to play if you and your man share a calendar online or your smartphone, mostly because you can add a new position to the calendar and your man will be in for a nice surprise the next time he opens up the shared calendar.

While you're probably excited to start playing this game and plan out a huge amount of different positions, I always advise starting off small with just five or ten new sex positions to see if you each enjoy it.

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4. Wrestlemania

This last bedroom game, "Wrestlemania," is very similar to the "Tie Down," as you will need to agree on using a safe word before you start playing.

For safety purposes, I'm going to repeat myself here: Do not attempt to play "Wrestlemania" with your guy unless you have both agreed on using a safe word.

To play, the goal is to pin your man on his back (or his stomach) while on the bed. Meanwhile, your man will be fighting you off while he tries to do the same to you. The catch is that he needs to keep one of his arms behind his back for the entire length of the game. This handicap will help to even the playing field (or bed).

Then, proceed to wrestle and struggle with your man for a minute or two. All the tossing, grabbing, struggling, and straining is the perfect way to start foreplay and sex with him.

The trick to making "Wrestlemania" fun and exciting is not to get too serious about it or the rules. Just focus on having fun and enjoying yourself.

If you do, you'll be surprised at just how hot and heavy things can get.

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Sean Jameson is a sex coach and relationship educator. Learn his very best sex tips on the Bad Girl's Bible website.