What A Man TRULY Sees When You're Completely Naked

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Women in a state of undress tend to think about their "wobbly bits" as Bridget Jones once called them back in the day. This probably includes one or more of the "trouble area trifecta" spots: stomach, thighs or butt.

Men, on the other hand, skip the wobbles and let their gazes go almost immediately to their favorite parts, whether a woman's clothed or well ... naked. 

Truth Merchants' "Ask A Guy" contributor, "Preston Swagger", gives us the down low on what men really think when they see you naked and interestingly enough, where he looks first tells you a lot about his favorite body parts:

Ladies if you want an idea of what the guy who’s checking you out is into — follow his eyes.

  • If we size you up from toe to head we’re mostly likely a feet, legs, or ass man.
  • If we go from head to toe we’re probably more into eyes, lips/smile, breasts.

Not saying that the total package isn’t important — because of course it is — but our eyes float to what we like best, first. 

The mental picture we take of you naked is stored in the long term memory bank and can be called upon for daydreams for up to years afterward. In fact, the only thing stored in this area of our brain is mental pictures of you naked and mental pictures of us while doing the hibbity-dibbity.

There’s no room in this area of the brain for anything else like your flaws or imperfections. 

So we see you, no matter where or when we see you, and we think you look fine as hell! 

But here's the best part... 

We begin to talk a little. THEN you ... say IT. IT is something that is exactly what that particular guy wanted to hear:

Yeah, I love to cook
I LOVE watching football
I’ve been called a nympho, but I don’t think it’s true.
I used to be a gymnast

Well hello there…

Remember that movie - There’s Something About Mary — where Matt Dillon sets Cameron Diaz up with perfection? He opens his car door and the blueprints come out and she’s like, “oh you’re an architect”...and then he asks for quarter because all he has are Nepalize coins and she’s like, “oh you’ve been to Nepal?”.

Everybody hopes to find their dream guy or perfect girl. In reality we know there is no such thing. But there’s a brief time when you might just be perfect.

And whether or not you're perfect for him has nothing to do with what you look like without your clothes on. We love you naked no matter what.  

Whether he's a toe-to-head or head-to-toe kind of guy, what's certain is that he's taking mental snapshots to revisit at a later date, he think's you're beautiful, but the best part? It's what comes out of your mouth that makes him fall in love. Sound familiar, ladies? Yeah. Exactly.  

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