4 INSANELY Hot Sex Positions We Bet You've Never Tried Before

Ready to get creative? *wink wink*

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If you want crazy sex, then you need to learn some crazy sex positions. I'm going to show you 4 of the craziest, most fun sex positions that you NEED to try with your man if you're keen on having truly amazing, fun and crazy sex.

1. The Burning Man


It's named for the burning passion it ignites in couples who try it. To perform the Burning Man, find a table and face it while your man is behind you. Next, lean over the table and rest on your stomach. You will lie down on the table on your stomach while your feet are still touching the ground (they don't absolutely have to touch the ground, but it helps you to stay steady if you can). Your man will then enter you from behind while facing you.

What makes the Burning Man position so hot, crazy and wild is that you have nowhere to move because your hanging legs will prevent you from moving anywhere. This means that if you like really hard, passionate thrusting from your man, you will get just that in this position.


2. The Amazon

This next sex position is definitely not for everyone as it requires quite a bit of flexibility from both you and your man. To set up in the Amazon sex position, your man first needs to lie down on his back and pull his legs open and back towards his chest, leaving his crotch very exposed. You then need to straddle his crotch and lower yourself down onto your man. He will then need to push his penis downwards so he can enter you.

To stay in the Amazon position, you can grab his legs and push them backward, or if you like, you can have him wrap them around your back. If your man is not particularly flexible, however, his thighs will have a tendency to push you off of him.


3. The Crab

The Crab is not the most difficult or craziest sex position ever, but it does make for crazy-good sex. To perform the Crab sex position with your man, he needs to start off by laying on his back with his legs straight out. You then need to sit down on his lap, facing him so that he can enter you.

Next, put your arms behind yourself for support and start leaning back. To prevent your legs from cramping or getting sore, extend them forwards and bend them, with one on either side of his shoulders.


The next part is the most important. You need to constantly adjust how far back you are leaning until you find the absolute most pleasurable spot. This will take a while, but think of it as a fun treasure hunt in which you're searching for the most orgasmic pleasure possible.

4. Man-Missionary

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This last sex position is great for women who like being on top and having a bit more control during sex. It's also great if you like lots of clitoral stimulation during sex.

Think of the Man-Missionary position as the opposite of the regular Missionary position. This time your man is going to be on his back and you are going to be on top, lying right down on top of him for lots of body-on-body contact. It's easier to perform this position if he has his legs together and you are straddling him, but you can also try it with your legs together and his open.

The best part of the Man-Missionary position is that you won't really be moving vertically up and down on your man's penis. Instead, you will be moving much more horizontally on him, allowing for a ton of clitoral stimulation.



These are just 4 crazy sex positions to try out with your man. If you want to learn more awesome tips, like how to talk dirty to your man, how to give him incredible oral sex (this instructional video will show you how) as well as over 100 more different sex positions (with professional photographs), then you should take a look at the Bad Girl's Bible site here.