The Passion Pretzel And 7 Other Positions You Need To Try ASAP

Crazy Sex Positions

Take it to new heights with these crazy moves.

Sure, the sex is hot and passionate and blah, blah, blah, but is it really taking you to new heights? No, it's not — but there's a way to make it work.

When you two first started dating you'd do it any time — and anywhere. The bathroom at his parents'? Check. Coat-check at the bar? Check. Your dining room table? Been there, done that. And now, well, even though the sex is satisfying and fun, you've lost that extraterrestrial spark.

So at the end of a really long day, you're seeing the inside of your eyelids when you should be seeing stars, stripes and baby Yeezus himself. Here are seven sex positions that'll show you how to get your groove back (and send your next climax to Mars).

1. Sexual Seesaw
Your man will go from Hunky Heartthrob to Moby Dick in the blink of an eye — and this sex position is so hot, and so O-inducing, you'll never want to try another one. Start out on your back with your legs leaning backward (so they’re over your ears and parallel to the floor). Have your guy kneel in front of you with his knees directly up against your lower back, so his torso is against your thighs. As he enters you, you control how fast or slow he moves. The eye contact and deep penetration will tantalize and delight both of you into oblivion.

2. The Amazon
Be warned: You’re about to move your body in ways you've probably only seen on Pilates DVDs. Your man needs to lay back with his legs open and pulled back towards (so you’ve got a clear view of him). When you straddle him (facing the opposite direction), be sure to lower yourself gently onto him so that he can do the same as he enters you. To stay together, have him wrap his legs around you (extra tight). To get really kinky? When you want to change positions, lean forward until he’s lying upright on top of you, still inside of you. The connection will blow both of your minds.

3. The Passion Pretzel
Sorry, we don't mean a new seasonal treat from Auntie Anne's. But if you're looking for a new move that gets you out of the bed and back to your carnal roots, then viola! Kneel face-to-face and with each of you bending your outside leg so your foot is flat on the ground. Move closer until you're touching. Arch back until he’s inside of you and then take turns lunging backward — and forward — until you can't see straight. Added tip? Blankets or carpeting helps will keep your knees comfortable.

4. Head Rush
This upright position is not for the feint of heart, so if you've got any reservations about doing it dirty while standing up, we suggest you lose them right now. Have your man start by sitting off the side of the bed or chair while you wrap your legs around his head and rest your head facing upward on his crotch. As he stands up, keep your legs tight around his head (without strangling, because that would be weird). Once he's fully erect (and no, we're not talking about his member), wrap your arms around his back. You'll need the sport when he goes down — or up? — on you. The pleasure's totally one-sided on this one, but hey, we're not complaining.

5. The G-Force
Have you felt the power between your legs? No? Well, you're about to. Lie on your back with your knees tightly to your chest. Your guy should be kneeling in front of you, so have him grab your feet and bring them upward, so they're about waist-height and your butt is level with him. Let him enter you, thrusting forward from his hips. He can penetrate slowly while he stimulates you with his fingers.

6. Pile Driver
You'll play the Damsel in Distress in this position but you'll definitely like how it feels. Start out by laying on your back and have your man come from under you and pick you up at the feet, bringing your legs over your head. You'll be completely exposed — and helpless to the pleasures to come. Then, your guy can gently enter you from a near-sitting position (so he's not putting too much pressure by actually sitting on you) while taking care of you with his hands.

7. The Pinwheel
The in-sync connection you two feel as you move with each other is definitely otherworldly (and freakin' hot as hell). Start out by lying on your backs or sides, facing the same direction. Lower yourself on to your man, with your legs spread-eagle around his waist. Then, have him encircle his legs around your midsection. He can control how fast (or slow) you two move by holding on to your hips.

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