How To Know If Your Current Partner Was Also Your Lover In A Past Life

How do you tell if this isn’t the first time you’ve been in love with this guy?

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You meet someone new and seem to connect instantly. Hitting it off, you could talk for hours. He looks into your eyes and it feels like he sees right into your soul.

The chemistry is off the charts! Somehow, it seems as if you've known each other forever, even if it's only a first date. How can this be?

If you believe in reincarnation, you know that you've had several past life relationships.

Reincarnation involves living multiple times to work on your personal growth and spiritual development. Your soul comes back to earth in a different body to gain experience and learn.


Religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Judaism all address the cycle of birth and death.

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Past life relationships are possible because you travel with a soul group.

As you learn and grow, this raises your vibration until, at some point, you achieve spiritual liberation and return to the purest form of your energy.

There are many versions of how this works and countless books on the subject.

One of my favorite books, "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton, describes soul groups and how, in between lives, people exist in "pods," which are like a large family.


Agreements are made to learn lessons with the same spirits from your soul group. Certainly, love and relationships offer some of the biggest lessons to be had on earth.

Even though you may have relationships with the same souls, life after life, you will likely trade roles and genders.

For example, your mother might have been your child in the past, or your brother could have been your husband or your aunt.

The relationships and circumstances change, but the soul connection continues.

The idea of living over and over with the same group of souls provides exciting insight into why you feel an instant connection with a man you just met. It's like you recognize him from somewhere but you can’t quite put your finger on it.


If you ever experienced someone feeling incredibly familiar, even though you've never met before, reincarnation is likely the reason. You could be recalling a life you shared before.

Past life relationships help explain why you're drawn to each other. Your souls may have some "unfinished business" that you're ready to take care of.

How do you know if you’ve been together before?

There's no hard and fast rule that proves you knew each other in the past. But, sometimes, the synchronicities and coincidences start to pile up.

You may feel like it's love at first sight, which is evidence that you're meeting a lover from a past life.

You might encounter surprising things you have in common that reveal hints of sharing a life before like:

Finishing each other’s sentences.


Sometimes, knowing exactly what he's thinking.

Thinking about calling/texting someone and then they call/text you.

Curiousity about the same cultures and cuisines.

Enjoying similar hobbies.

Becoming fascinated by the same historical periods.

Having déjà vu brought on by a particular situation.

Sharing the same point of view about religion, politics, or lifestyle.

Dreaming of traveling to the same places.

Feeling like you're soulmates or twin flames.

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Meeting a love from a past life

When I was dating, I met a lot of men in order to find the right guy to marry. The 30th guy I dated is the man I’ve been happily married to for 21 years.


We're not like two peas in a pod or one of those couples who are joined at the hip. On the contrary, Paul and I are extremely different, which you might not expect when meeting a love from a past life.

So, what tipped me off that we’d been together before?

The first sign was how incredibly comfortable I felt with him. By the third date, I felt this amazing sense of peace and harmony.

Yeah, we had chemistry and the conversation was good, but those were not the signs for me.

What really clued me in about our past life relationships came in the form of a dream.

The first night we spent together, I dreamed about him. He didn’t look like he does today and neither did I, but I knew the dream was about us when I awoke.


I had no doubt I had seen a previous incarnation of my life with Paul.

Dreaming of your past love

This was my dream. We were Celts in the British Isles, maybe in the year 600 or so.

I was a pagan priestess, following the earth’s cycles and holding ceremonies. He was a warrior, tall, strong, and quiet, skilled with a sword. I was in dire need of his protection, although I didn’t discover what the threat was.

We were to be wed, but I wanted to speak with him first. I needed to be sure he could offer me the protection I sought. He had to be sincerely committed to me and my safety.

So, I asked him directly what his intentions were and if he would keep me safe. He agreed to watch over me. That was all I needed to hear and knew we would soon marry.


Waking up from that dream, I was shaken.

Was this prophetic? Was it a past life? Or was it both perhaps? Just two years later we were married and are still going strong. To this day, that dream remains vivid in my mind.

Meditation and the Akashic Records

Did you have past life relationships with your partner or someone new you are dating? Another way to find out is through meditation. Here’s a simple visualization you can try to see what you discover about your past together.


Close your eyes and breathe deeply several times. Feel your body relaxing. Do this for a few minutes until you feel centered and quiet.

Imagine a large ancient structure made of gleaming marble before you on top of a hill that's close by. Walk over to it and enter a doorway.

This is the library where the Akashic Records are held.

You are greeted by an angel who is your guide to the records. Ask the angel to help you find the records or book that holds the information you seek about past life relationships with someone in your life today.

Relax and wait. You may see something written, or simply visions of a past life, or hear a voice in your head. 


For some people, they simply know all of a sudden the answers they were seeking. It just becomes clear. All these methods work well and are valid.

When you feel complete, thank your angel and leave the library the way you came. Walk back down the hill, return to the room you're in and return to your body. Then open your eyes.

Be sure to take notes immediately as the information is often fleeting and can be easily forgotten.

Enjoy exploring your past life relationships! There's a lot to learn and discover. It can all be incredibly helpful and a lot of fun too.

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