Who Was I In My Past Life? Regression Video Reportedly Reveals All

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Who Was I In My Past Life? Regression Video On TikTok Reportedly Reveals All

If you have ever wondered who you are in your past life, you can find out on TikTok, of all places! 

The app is currently full of emotional videos from people who claimed to have followed a past life regression video to see who they were in a past life.

What is past life regression?

First off, past life regression is a type of hypnotherapy that helps guide people back in time through their past lives. It is done by accessing memories and events that are usually hidden in their subconscious. 

Past life regression can help you learn about your past life, why you feel connected to certain places or things, and where some of your fears and anxieties stem from. 

The past life regression video that seems to have started it all is a session by a hypnotherapist named Brian Weiss that was posted on YouTube. This specific video has blown up and once you watch it, you’ll understand why. 

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People have been posting their responses to the YouTube video and describing what they see in their past life. 

Leslie Rodriguez posted a TikTok claiming that when she did the session, she saw herself as “a white female with light brown hair” and had a daughter. She was wearing clothes from medieval times and was out with her daughter and they were harvesting something and picking fruit.

When she was visualizing her past life, she saw men on black horses show up and they took her daughter away from her. They then proceeded to call her a “witch” and as she was watching the men pull her daughter away, they huddled around her to slit her throat. 

Currently, Leslie has a hard time wearing turtleneck sweaters and can’t wear tight necklaces because she feels uncomfortable and suffocated when things are too close to her neck area. She claims these fears must come from her past life and she learned where it stems from. 

In another TikTok, Fernanda Cortes posted that when she did the past life session, she felt like she was in 1960s Mexico City. She claims that she was wearing an orange turtleneck and white mini skirt. She was next to a man wearing a tweed suit and she can still visualize his face very well even after she was done with the session.

Cortes claims that when she was in her dreamlike state, she was overcome with sadness and loss when she looked at the man. Her feelings when looking at him were so strong that she had to snap herself out of it and began crying.

After waking up, she stumbled on some information about Mexico’s 1968 Massacre. In this Massacre, there was a huge group of students that were protesting the government and then the army was deployed and so many of these students were killed. 

The government ignored the Massacre until 1998 when they reopened the investigation, which is the year Fernanda Cortes was born.

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These TikTokers claim that they were skeptical about past life regression until experiencing it themselves.

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The past life regression session can bring up a lot of emotions. 

However, there are some strong feelings that may come up if you watch the YouTube video, and one TikToker warned that people should take caution before trying past life regression themselves.


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According to @niiajanae, you should not do the exercise if you are anxious, aren’t stable, or aren’t familiar with meditation experiences.

She warns that if you try to learn about your past lives, you could learn about your past traumas and that may not be something you want to bring into your life now. It could be very damaging to your mental state if you do not feel ready to process everything that can come up. It isn’t a video that everyone should watch and it is alright if you feel like it won’t serve you to put yourself in a vulnerable experience. 

Niiajanae gives all of these warnings and tells people that they should not do this session just because it is a trend. Instead, do it because you want to and feel you can handle it.

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