5 Important Manifestation Tips For Beginners To Easily Manifest Your Dreams

Make your dreams come true!

5 Most Important Manifestation Tips For Beginners getty

Manifesting is a great tool that helps you get what you want by using positive energy and focus. No matter what manifestation technique you use, by envisioning the goals you want to achieve and speaking it into the universe, it is more likely that you will manifest your dreams. 

Like most things, when it comes to manifestation, practice makes perfect. 

Manifestation Tips for Beginners 

A TikTok by user ilovemusicfestivals, who describes her TikTok profile as "a guide to the other side," reveals the beginner steps for how to manifest.


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Step 1: Choose what you want to manifest

It is important that you figure out what it is that you want.

You will always get the best results when you have clear goals. 

When you are trying to figure out what you want to manifest, ask yourself the following questions, according to the Tik Tok video:

  1. When I think about having this, does it feel right?
  2. Can I picture myself having this? 
  3. Will this lighten my life? 

Once you answer these questions, it will become a lot easier for you to set your intentions.  

Step 2: Get rid of things that stand in your way. 

In order to bring in good, you must push out the bad.

If things aren’t serving you, then make sure to let them go so that you can make more room for positivity and the things that will fulfill you. 


According to the TikTok, a great starting place is focusing on letting go of toxic people, negative beliefs, and urgency. 

Toxic people just drain you of your energy and don’t bring any light to your life.

Turn your negative beliefs into positive ones.

You also don’t need to rush your dreams so let things happen when they are meant to happen.

It can take a lot of effort and commitment to get rid of these obstacles but the more you practice it then the better you will become at it. 

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Step 3: Visualize what you want to manifest. 

In the TikTok video, she advises viewers to “pour all your energy and concentration into seeing it with your mind’s eye, act as it’s already yours.”


Really visualize that you are getting what you want. It takes a lot of work to put your energy and concentration towards your goals.

When in doubt, just fake it until you make it.

Own what you are working towards, believe in yourself, and believe that you deserve to achieve your dreams. 

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Step 4: Take action to manifest what you want. 

You can’t only just sit around waiting for your dreams to come true, but you have to meet them halfway.

You have to show the universe that you are willing to work for it.

For example, if you want a new job, you can’t just expect that a job opportunity will come to you. The universe is pretty great but it isn’t a miracle worker — you still have to fill out applications for the job you want. 


TikTok user @ilovemusicfestivals advises that you “follow your gut! If you feel the urge to do something specific; whether it immediately makes sense or it’s more of an intuition-based thought — DO IT!” 

Either way, listen to your intuition and see where it takes you.

Sometimes the universe knows what path you should be on and it will lead you there. 

Step 5: Recognize and appreciate. 

You can’t just take everything that you are being given for granted. You have to truly appreciate it and take a moment to show your gratitude.

Give thanks and give back to the universe.

Reaching your goals will feel more special when you recognize the effort and energy that was put in to get you there.


Spread love and kindness back into the universe.

The universe should be balanced and if the universe gives you positivity, it is important that you pay the universe back with your positivity.

Good karma will help you continue to get the things you desire when you continue on in your journey of manifestation.

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