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You can get to that happy place and I'll help you!

About Kristine Carlson

Hello! I am a psychic medium, an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, and an author. I specialize in readings and clearings to help you create your best life and work past issues that are holding you back. I have lots of readings and clearings to choose from so find the one that's perfect for you! I can find out what's holding you back from your goals and get you the answers you need to move forward plus so much more. All the choices are on my website on the get a reading page.

Check out my website here: https://www.psychicmediumreadingsbykristine.com

If you'd like to scroll down on this page you can see my books and the articles I've written for Yourtango.

Kristine Carlson Success Stories


“I am blown away by the Crossed Over Reading I had with Kristine!!! I was a believer before but now I’m a true believer. There where things that came through that she could simply not have known about!!! It’s like getting a love letter from the Other Side. Thank you for getting me in touch with my Mother, its been a long over due and much needed reunion. Xoxoxo” ️️️more




“I've regularly been in touch with Kristine since December 2016. She has helped me guide my way through life with One question readings, Chakra readings and the Soul realignment reading. Kristine has been truly helpful in situations where I didn't know which way to go. The additional information she is able to provide is insightful, and helps me in the choices I make. The Soul realignment reading with Kristine has made me more focused; I now know what my life lessons are and have made them part of my daily intentions. I feel closer connected to, and integrated with, my soul, which is a wonderful feeling, In the reading you will get a whole lot of other information too! I can highly recommend Kristine as a psychic and personal coach.”




“Kristine is a true MASTER at her craft! I have had several readings and Kristine was spot on.   Afterwards if I had any questions about the reading she took the time out to answer them wholeheartedly. Her gift has helped me discover things about myself I never knew or maybe just didn't want to admit that I did. I have tried many psychics in the past now I finally have found my own personal psychic in Kristine!”more


Peckville PA


"I don't know how she does it, but she is able to connect to the other side, and has a very special gift to share with us all ! I feel immense relief after having all of my readings.more

I would recommend trying her out and see for yourself what she is capable of!"

-Sharon C.
South Glastonbury, CT




“I am a frequent returning customer of Kristine’s for over 3 years. I’ve never had such accurate and helpful readings from a psychic medium before. She really cares about her clients and what she does. I’ve referred my Mother and Cousin to her and they couldn’t believe how accurate she was. It’s also nice because I wouldn’t feel as comfortable going to see a psychic medium in person. But Kristine makes me feel so comfortable just through e-mail. I can’t recommend her enough!”more

-Jakob J. MA


“Kristine is compassionate, caring, and thorough. Kristine goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and when you ask questions she answers with love and caring. The information she had given me for the Soul Realignment clearing was like a big, thorough report...it's a lot of information, quite detailed & you need to take your time to understand and that means you need to re-read it over and over. I love that you have 'homework' to help solidify what she had helped clear. Amazing customer service and experience. Thank you so much Kristine.”more

-Carey S.



”Kristine has done a lot of readings for me. She has a very special gift ! I consider her one of the best or the best  !! If there is something about your reading you don't understand she will always be there for you and explain everything . Kristine has changed my life so much and I will never forget what she has done for me !! Thank you so much Kristine, you will always be very special to me!!” more

-Robert B. 

Oklahoma City, OK


"I have had two readings by Kristine and it was such a great experience. My fiance recently passed away and I've been having difficulty finding the closure that I need. The information she gave me was extremely accurate and very helpful. She is very talented, connected, and knowledgeable. Her readings have helped me start to accept my loss. Kristine definitely has the gift!"more

-Emily G.


"I can't say enough wonderful things about Kristine ! I found her about the time I lost my precious cat Booboo of 15 years. Only animal lovers understand. Kristine is truly a blessing to me and helped me begin to heal. She has a special gift and I am so grateful I found her!!"more



“Kristine is a wonderfully talented Medium I have had several readings with her they all have been great she has a easy way about herself she has a very loving soul.”more

-Janet A.

BC Canada



Kristine is an awesome psychic! She is very thorough and gives advice that should be taken seriously. She told me things about myself that I knew I needed to work on and she didn't hesitate to be honest with me. The other thing that I love about her is that she is always available to give encouraging words and is genuinely concerned with the well being of her clients. I have taken her advice seriously because I know that it will benefit me. She always points me in the right direction. She also has the best prices that I have come across. I feel as if her service are always worth it and I will definitely be a repeat customer and I definitely recommend her to others.more

-Candi C.
Columbus, Ohio


"I recently had a reading done by Kristine and it was a very great outcome. I could really understand what was being told to me in my reading and it gave me a better understanding of my past, future, and present. She is a very powerful medium and can help many people in the near future. My experience was great!" more

-Adante' C.

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