How To Use Sigils To Manifest Anything You Want

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How To Use Sigils To Manifest Anything You Want

We’ve all tried manifesting before whether you're aware of it or not — for example, willing a red stoplight to be green or hoping for a run-in with your crush. Many things in life prove that the law of attraction works, and there are many different manifestation techniques to help you focus. Using sigils is one of them!

What are sigils?

Sigils are symbols used in ritualistic magic to harness all of your positive energy, hope, and will into action. 

According to the TikToker @witchy.tipss, a sigil is a manifestation method that uses magic to make your affirmations come true. Whenever you see this sigil, you're reminded of what you're manifesting which makes you think about it and helps will it into existence.

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How to use sigils

While the method of creating a sigil may bring back nightmares from Algebra 2, not only is it easy to follow, it’s extremely effective.

TikToker @witchy.tipss uploaded a video detailsing the steps for creating a sigil.

1. Write out your affirmation.

Sometimes, without even realizing, we self-sabotage. Admitting what you want can be hard because it’s admitting there’s a chance you won’t get it but unless you open yourself up to the vulnerability of admitting you want things, there’s a certainty you won’t get what you want.

Writing out your desire is a simple but powerful way to get what you want. By writing it, you’re making it real. 

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2. Cross out all the vowels, including Y. 

3. Rewrite the letters, this time cross out any repeating letters.

This step will give you an interesting letter combination you’ll use in the next step. 

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4. Make a numerical chart.

The first row of the chart should be the numbers one through nine.

Then write out the alphabet, with one letter in each column. A-I should be in the first row, J-R in the second, S-Z in the third, with Z end in the 8th column. 

5. Find the numbers that correspond with your remaining letters. 

Under your unique letter combination, change the letters to their corresponding numbers.

6. Make a number circle. 

These numbers can be in any order you want. Just put 1-9 in a circle. Make sure as you’re creating your number circle, you’re actively thinking about what you want. 

7. Connect your numbers in the circle.

Find the numbers that correspond with your letters and connect them in any order you like. There's no right or wrong direction you can take your line — trust your gut to feel what’s right. 

The symbol your create with the lines that connect your numbers is your sigil! You're ready to manifest anything you want.

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