What 'Spiritual Healing' Really Means And How To Start Your Journey

You owe it to yourself to grow.

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You've probably heard the term "spiritual healing" being tossed around from time to time. Maybe you're new to these kinds of things — and that's okay!

What does it mean to be spiritually healed? Luckily, we're here to make the process of understanding easier.

What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing is a healing process that uses the transfer of energy in order to help someone. According to one definition, "Spiritual healing can be defined as the direct interaction between one individual (the healer) and a second (sick) individual with the intention of bringing about an improvement in the illness."


But spiritual healing is also a practice that involves finding balance in your soul or inner spirit; essentially, spiritual healing is reconnecting with your true self, offering yourself a chance to grow and transform, and shift your perspective.

Not to be confused with a spiritual awakening, spiritual healing is the removal of barriers to help you get in tune with your spirituality again, while a spiritual awakening is a sustained movement of coming into spirituality.

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Spiritual healing includes a wide range of practices like psychic healing, therapeutic touch, hands of light, esoteric healing, magnetic healing, Qigong healing, Reiki, crystal healing, Tong Ren therapy, distant healing, intercessory prayer, and others.

The most common misconception about spiritual healing is thinking you have to be religious or believe in a higher power. In fact, you do not need to believe in God or attend church regularly to want a better life for yourself — a life where there is no worry about the future, only acceleration toward a brighter and happier tomorrow.

Think of spiritual healing as a form of an imaginary prescription. Once we feel like our mind, body, and soul are not performing properly, we find the root of the problem and try to develop a cure.

There are incredible benefits that come with spiritual healing, including raising your vibrational frequency, finding the power to stay motivated, relieving physical pain, and finding emotional balance.


Spiritual Healing in the Bible

The Bible refers to spiritual healing many times throughout its texts, especially in the Book of Psalms, which is of Hebrew origin.

During these ancient periods of time, someone's health not only meant being in good physical shape, but also meant having a good relationship with God. In a religious context, spiritual healing meant you would have to pray, fast, and give offerings to God in order to maintain this healing power.

In the Book of Psalms, 2 Kings 5:1-14 and Isaiah 38 tell of Elisha curing Naaman, or Isaiah curing Hezekiah, respectively, through prayer.

In the Christian Bible, mentions of spiritual healing are endless, but some examples are found in Luke 17:11-19, where Jesus heals to show the power of God, or in Matthew 10:8, where Jesus attempts to teach his disciples about healing.


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How to Use Spiritual Healing in Your Everyday Life

If you're tired of feeling like the world around you is full of negativity and hate, you may need to shift your perspectives and ideas. You may see that the activities you engage in are not a positive influence, or maybe the people you hang out with are directing you down the wrong path.

The first step in spiritual healing is finding the problem, and taking out any and all of the things that may be impacting your well-being. After that, there are additional practices you can try in order to heal yourself.

1. Affirmations

Affirmations are sayings or phrases you use in order to manifest what you want in life. Affirmations are usually very positive and thoughtful sayings that are used to help bring about a desired change.


You can use affirmations as a way to be kinder to yourself. Simply starting your day off with a positive perspective and recitation can help strengthen you spiritually.

2. Meditation

Meditation is a great daily habit to include in your life. Meditation helps your spiritual health by practicing mindfulness and focusing your energy.

Meditation is a part of spiritual healing because it focuses on your mind and allows you to uncover new perspectives. Light incense and use crystals to tighten your vibration as you meditate for even more benefits.

3. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to integrate spiritual healing into your life. Yoga helps connect you to your mind and body, strengthens your body, and lets you find peace through the practice.


You can do yoga at any time of day, but it is recommended to do first thing in the morning to start each day off right.

4. Healthy eating

You don't have to cut out all of your favorite foods, just try to find small ways to better your dietary habits.

Add more veggies to your routine or invest in organic and local foods. Always be sure to drink water, too!


5. Exercise

While you don't need to train in the gym six days a week, find an exercise routine that you truly enjoy doing. This will help you keep up with it in your everyday life.

From dancing to walking to surfing to swimming, anything can be an exercise if you do it daily.

6. Sleep

Not many people realize just how important it is to simply unwind and not think about work, school, and family dilemmas. Getting a good amount of sleep every night is also beneficial for your spiritual health and wellness.

Even if it means going to bed early and waking up before the sun comes up, this allows your body to get into a healthy routine that will make you look and, more important, feel amazing.


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