3 Last Minute Valentines Day Seduction Ideas

3 Last Minute Valentines Day Seduction Ideas
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Make his arrow harder than cupid's...

If you and your man are more sexy-raunch than mushy/gushy, it’s time to take a minute or two and plan a Valentine’s Day seduction that will make him feel blessed to have a vixen in his life instead of a girlie-girl who does the snore-fest heart boxers and teddy bear routine.

Most of us vixens extraordinaire are busy—we are ambitious, greedy li’l kittens who like our jobs and our independence.  Unfortunately, we are also procrastinators because, frankly, that man can f*cking wait a minute.

But we love our boy toys, none-the-less and they do deserve a great Valentine’s Day seduction for all their great licking and sucking skills.  Here are 3 seduction ideas that are sure to make his doddle harder than cupid’s arrow:

Have a fondue/fondling dinner

It melts in your mouth.  It’s bittersweet, warm and oh so soft.  No food is more sensual and “ooh la la” than fondue.  It’s also a hell of a lot faster and cheaper to make than a three-course meal for us vixens with li'l time for prepping!

Light some candles, follow a yummy online chocolate fondue recipe (allrecipes.com has a ton), put on some French burlesque music and a li’l French lacy number, and wait for him to get home. 

When he walks in the door, look him dead in the eye while fondling your lip with the fondue stick and ask him if he’d like to dip his banana in something warm, soft and deliciously sweet!

Read each other erotic fiction in the corner of a bookstore

Sexy is always more exciting when it’s scandalous.  It’s one thing for a couple to read Fifty Shades of Grey to one another, but to do it in public is deliciously hot!  Who says Valentine’s Day has to be mushy/gushy? It can be a passionate seduction that leads to a night of unbridled lust, and it all can start in the harlequin novel section of your favorite bookstore or library.

If you really want to be daringly dangerous together, don’t wear a bra and let him see how excited his story-telling makes you:  sneak li’l moments where you push your shirt fabric taut against your hard nipple.  On you also can slip out of your shoe and discreetly rub your tootsies over his erection.

Bring along a gift for him.  A new tie is perfect.  Slip a note in the box that reads, “Tie me up later and make me work for you, sir.”

Have a private spanking masquerade party on the floor of your bathroom!

Take a phone-photo of yourself in a wig with a masquerade mask on and send it with a text telling him that you have a special Valentine’s Day seduction ready for him; “I’ve hired a dirty li’l whore of dame for you to do disgustingly delicious, very unromantic things to all night long this Valentine’s Day.  It’s a saint’s day but it’s Dirty Devil night for you!”

When he gets home, lead him on a hunt for his new sex slave!  Put up li’l instruction notes that lead to your bathroom sex den!  First note should be on the front door, telling him to go in the kitchen.  The second should be in the kitchen stuck to a wooden spanking spoon lying on the counter.  The third should be on the bathroom mirror (lipstick on the mirror is hot!) asking him if the guy in front of him in the mirror is ready to destroy his yummy Valentines’ day seduction slave.  

Then come into the bathroom wearing the mask, get down on all fours on the floor, pull down your panties and ask for a hard spoon spanking!

Keep the lights low, play trance music, don’t speak too much and make sure he pays you well for your stranger-sex services!

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