How To Attract Men Like Bees To Honey

I was recently flying in first class when I realized the obvious: It’s mainly men in first class. Why is that? Because a man’s priority is career and a woman’s priority is relationships. Women are programmed to put men at the top of the list. However, it’s time to turn off the auto pilot and deal with reality.

Before divorce became socially acceptable, women could count on getting married and being taken care of for the rest of their lives. In an era with a 50/50 chance of staying married, it’s no longer acceptable or wise to count on a man to come along and “save” you.

The times in my life when I didn’t make men a priority were when I was doing something that I was passionate about. Those were the times when it didn’t matter if a guy called or if I hadn’t seen him for a week. Yet, those were also the times when the guy moved towards me and was more interested in me because he could see he was not my main focus. I wasn’t playing hard to get, I was hard to get.

This attitude will set you apart from most women. Instead of wanting to talk about the relationship and where it’s going, you will be talking about the new class you’re taking or the project you’re working on.

You then become more attractive because men will know you are not just looking for someone to pay the bills. They admire women who have goals (other than marriage) and who are working towards making their lives richer on all levels – financially, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Men today say they want a woman who is independent. Most are not interested in a helpless little girl they have to take care of.

In "Why Men Marry Bitches", author Sherry Argov says, “Men tend to approach love as though it’s a business-deal negotiation…Men usually label a weaker woman as a liability and a stronger woman as an asset…A strong woman has goals and won’t give herself away.

It’s time women made their careers/jobs/passions just as important as their romantic relationships. In doing so, you “kill two birds with one stone”. As you are moving towards your goals, you are also effortlessly becoming more attractive to men. Men get engaged to women who are already “engaged” – in interesting, happy lives.