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About Lucia D.

Lucia is a dating/relationship expert specializing in helping people get their ex back. She is the author of Lucia's Lessons of Love, a keynote speaker and former host of The Art of Love on L.A.Talk Radio.

She has over 100 major national and international TV and radio credits including Dr. Phil, The Tyra Banks Show, E! Entertainment, 60 Minutes Australia, The CBS Early Show, ABC 7 News, Good Day L.A and the KTLA News.

Lucia has been interviewed by numerous publications including Details, Business Week, Allure, Elle and media from Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, the UK, Australia, Azerbaijan and Chile.

Her website is: The Art of Love

Lucia D. Success Stories

No longer a doormat!

Women seeking a relationship

A fan recently wrote me the following email:

Thank you so much for your wonderful newsletters and podcast. They've changed my life.
I was being a 'doormat' in all my past relations, & ironically I never knew what a 'doormat' was...!!  Whenever my guy used to leave me for another woman, I always used to think 'What's wrong?", when I was "extra nice" to him.
Somewhere down the line, I also feel I was afraid to be alone. I used to choose a bad relation rather than staying alone & waiting for a quality relationship.
Your articles gave me the courage to stand up for myself and my needs. It taught me to believe that it was OK to want what I want & OK to feel what I feel. I deserve the relationship I want. I don't wanna be around people who don't want me.
People around me comment that I have changed. One of my ex's did stop calling me as I am not being a "doormat" & "sex-toy" for him anymore. I also dumped my psycho guy who used to torture me for having fucked a friend of his, who happened to be my ex, as before I met him, I was going around with his friend. He also used to push my buttons for no reasons at all. Whenever he did see me cry, that moment he believed that I did love him. And if someone makes me cry, they aren't worth me and my time at all.
All THANKS to you.... Thank you so much...


I Got My Ex Girlfriend Back!

Dating couples

I know the crowds can be skeptical of reviews, however, if there is one you should not dismiss it is this one.more

Yes, I had gone through a devastating breakup with my girlfriend, and had found Lucia in a video clip discussing a few key points regarding comments and behavior of a significant other; and what those comments and behavior really meant, and how to appropriately deal with them. I could not believe what I was hearing! After months of twice weekly relationship counseling and therapy with a Psychologist and Psychotherapist the words that Lucia spoke answered so much of what I was going through, and experiencing, and had not heard from my counseling sessions. I was shocked!

Suffice it to say I began winding down those sessions, and began my relationship work with Lucia. After a few short weeks and months I felt I had answersand understanding that had previously eluded me. I have since reconciled my relationship, and have clarity where before this did not exist.

Lucia is a gifted soul with integrity, and a level of genuine care that is rare. If you will be honest with yourself, and with her, you will discover things you never knew, about your relationship and yourself. 

I Got My Ex Back!

Dating couples

There I was after the worst breakup of my life.  Couldn't’t get out of bed, crying myself to sleep, crying every time I was alone. more

I found Lucia’s channel and started watching/learning.  This is not made up and I’m the last person that would EVER seek advice outside my own head.

  I can say that Lucia is a bright light here to guide us through the darkest times.  When I first started watching I had serious doubts and didn't’t believe what she was saying would work, but I received a call from my ex on day 59 and I chose not to answer.  Then I received another call the next day (day 60) and didn't’t answer.  Lucia was spot on with the 45-60 days.  Her advice on using the law of attraction and pretty much all of her videos put me on the path to pull myself out of the darkness and vibrate on the highest frequency I’ve been on my entire life.

  I spoke to her on the phone and I can say that she doesn't’t give neutral advice and this isn’t about selling a book or making money; she cares because she’s been there.  She’s somehow figured out the path you need to take, so listen to her and have faith.  Faith = believing ins omething that hasn’t happened yet or something you can’t yet see.  My relationship was only 5 months and my ex called just like Lucia said she would.

  I found myself during this period and realized that I’m worth much more than I ever imagined and I don’t want my ex in my life anymore, even though I had the choice to have her back.  I now have the power, but I realized at some point thanks to Lucia, that I had the power this whole time and couldn’t see it.  She is an angel of light here to guide you out of darkness and you are not alone with the way you’re feeling.  The fact this happened to you is a blessing and an
opportunity to be the best person you can be.

Lucia’s advice is gold.  Be strong, have faith and listen to her

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