5 Easy Ways To Attract High-Quality, Marriage-Material Men

You have more power than you think.

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If you've been disappointed by the guys you've dated, or feel like dating is hard, you can change your experience for the better. Instead of thinking the guys you meet are left up to chance or you have to wait to get chosen by a guy, you can influence the kind of men who show up in your life.

When you truly get that you are standing in your own way, this realization will empower and inspire you to create the dating experience you've always desired.


You have the power to create a better dating experience by changing yourself in ways that let you be true to yourself! You break the pattern of dating guys who don't respect, value, and appreciate you. And in the process, you attract and date higher-quality men.

Here are 5 ways to attract and date high-quality men.

1. Let yourself be feminine.

If you tend to take on the role of the man, you take away a man's desire and inclination to do things for you — things that show you he values and appreciates you.



Instead of "being the man," be the woman by connecting with your femininity. Respond more and initiate less. Receive with grace. Show your softer side by letting yourself be vulnerable.


When a man experiences your feminine essence, he is inspired to treat you like the queen you are. Because you deserve all that and more.

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2. Set higher standards.

Set standards for the way you want to be treated, how you want to feel, what's acceptable and not acceptable, and what you are willing to compromise on as you search for a forever love.

Once you set those standards, be sure to stick to them. Once you falter on those standards, you are making it clear that you accept being treated a certain way, and that will certainly not attract high-quality men to you.

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At the first sign that you don't feel good about the way a man treats you, speak up instead of swallowing your voice. Then, leave if he treats you poorly again. By sticking around, you are telling him that it's okay for him to treat you this way.

3. Set the pace.

Many guys may try to rush you or pressure you into having sex before you are ready. But you should, of course, never do anything you aren't comfortable with.

If this happens, don't let him pressure you into doing something you don't want to do.


Instead, set the pace by saying something like, "I appreciate your offer and I'm looking for more than a physical connection at this time in my life. Sex is an intimate expression of myself with a man I feel emotionally connected to. When I find this connection with the right man, I know we will be able to connect intimately."

A high-quality man who is looking for more than sex will respect your wishes and will make the effort to ensure you are comfortable.

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4. Stay on track.

Every choice you make brings you closer or takes you further away from what you truly want in a partner.



Resist the urge to go out with smooth-talking, good-looking guys if you sense or know there isn't anything of substance. Don't go out with guys who aren't right for you just because you are not seeing anyone. Remember: a relationship does not define your worth, so it's always better to be single than settle.


Say yes to the kind of men who are looking for the kind of relationship and connection you want. Be open to good men whom you might not normally consider. Good men come in different packages.

5. Let your inner beauty shine.

While your physical appearance initially catches a man's eyes, it's who you are on the inside that captivates his heart.

Make peace with your past by resolving disappointment and heartache from previous dates and relationships not working out. Become the best version of you by doing the inner work. In doing so, you will radiate energy that is irresistible and let your inner beauty shine through.


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Consistently practicing these 5 tips will lead to higher quality men showing up in your life. The type of guys you used to date will fall by the wayside and more of the right men will want to date you.

Remember this: you have the power to create the dating experience you've always desired. What will you start doing to change for the better?


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Janet Ong Zimmerman is a dating and relationship coach, the founder of Love for Successful Women, and creator of the Woo Course: 9 Juicy Ways to Bring Out a Man's Desire to Woo You. She helps successful women find the love they desire.