Why can't I get over him - even with 3 months no contact


Trying to get all those memories out your mind? 3 Months has passed and you'r ready to move on now..

Getting over someone isn' the easiest thing to do, but out of sight out of mind makes it a lot easier to heal when you have split from someone that youbeen with for a long time.


Lets say that it's been a solid 3 months so far, no contact from him via faceboook,email,or text things are getting better by the day because you're a little stronger and stronger as the days pass.

But there's still somthing deep down inside of you that urks you it's tugging at you, and you just can't seem to shake this thing.

What is this thing that tugs at you? 

It's your thoughts your feelings that you still have for your ex love, you thought it has been long enough and yet he is still on your mind and you just can't seem to get him out of there.

Lets ask 3 important questions here?

1. Would you like to have him back?

2. Does he want me back?

3. How Do I contact Him Without seeming like the crazy ex girlfriend type..


Follow These instructions 


Just becuase you put him out of sight and out of mind, does not mean that their still isn't hope for the two of you to get back together, or atlest contact one another and find out if there still is a sprak.


You can contact your ex even if he has moved on and is dating another women, without the fear of rejection or looking hopeless..

Here's How To Do That 


P.S check the blog out for more articles on lost love and healing. You will never know what you could of had unless you makea run for it and reach out.


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