How To Stop Texting Him When He's Made It Clear You're An Option, Not A Priority

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How To Stop Texting Him When He's Made It Clear You're An Option, Not A Priority

Sometimes he just doesn't want you back so you have to let him go and stop texting him.

If he doesn't put you first and really cherish being with you and instead sees you as something he can fool around with or dispose of, means that he doesn't care about you to the same extent you care about him. 

It can be hard to accept but you have to realize that you are valuable and you deserve something better than the way your ex treated you. 

He does not deserve to have you. So, even though it's hard to move on, you need to try because there is someone out there that will see you as the center of their world. They will cherish every moment they are with you and they will miss you when you are not around.

Everyone deserves love, and you will find it. He's just not the right one for you.

If you constantly are texting him without response, you may need to take the harsh hint that he is not coming back. 

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If you need to cry, let it out. But only let yourself cry and wallow for so long because you don't want to get trapped in that spiral of depression and sadness.

I promise the world is not as bleak as you may be feeling it is right now. So, let yourself have these sad feelings for a little bit, but don't let your depression consume your whole life. Let yourself have fun and accept that your relationship is over. You can always remember the special times you have had with your ex, but you don't need to wait for them to come to their senses because they most likely won't. 

When you think you are ready, even if you aren't, pick yourself up and start living again. Realize they don't deserve having you be upset over losing them. That gives them too much power when they did not want you. 

Go out, do things, and start taking your life back. Sometimes, just going to the store or getting out of bed is a monumental feat. So, celebrate the little wins. 

You deserve more and there will be someone that will come and treat you like you should. They will see you for your whole potential and love you no matter what. They will never give you up because they will realize that you are the best thing that has happened to them. 

Here are some ways to stop texting him.

Once you realize that he is not going to answer your text, you can start start moving on with your life. Also, there are some apps that you can download to help you do the hard things like delete photos while forcing you to stop texting them. 

These methods will help you grow and move on to find someone that will make you feel whole. You will have that relationship that is filled with love and it will last forever, it was just not with your ex. 

1. Delete his number from your phone.

2. Delete him off your social media.

3. Recognize why you want to text your ex. 

4. Understand why you need to stop texting him.

5. Distract yourself.

6. Go out with your friends.

7. Try not to text him when you are drinking.

8. Text a friend instead of your ex.

9. Give yourself time to get over him. 

10. Go for a walk. 

11. Remember why you broke up in the first place. 

12. Try a dating app.

13. Get lost in a book. 

14. Don't punish yourself for your breakup so let yourself have fun and do what you would normally do. 

15. Adopt a pet (or get a plant!) for some companionship. 

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Apps that help you stop texting your ex:

1. Rx Breakup

Rx Breakup is a pretty cool app because it provides a 30-day program with motivational tips and exercises to help you work through your breakup.

The app helps you identify red flags and negative patterns you may be showing at the time. This app encourages you and is something you can turn to so that you don't navigate that first month of being single by yourself, completely alone. 

2. No Contact Rule

No Contact rule is an app that helps you fill your schedule so that you are kept busy from wanting to text your ex. This app promotes not talking to your ex for 30 days. Their goal is to help you heal properly by filling your time with studying, hanging out with friends, exercising, and etc. 

The app will also give you daily guidelines to remind you that you have a goal of not texting your ex. They also have a chat board on the app so that you can connect with others who have recently become single so that you can share your stories and not feel so alone. 

3. Killswitch

Killswitch is the app when you literally are trying to erase your ex out of your life. This app erases photos, videos, posts, and statuses that have your ex tagged in them. But if you get together, the app keeps them in a folder that you can access. It's just a way to give you space until you can look at the past in a new light. 

4. Drunk Mode

This app blocks specific contacts for up to twelve hours when you need to let loose for a little bit without fear that you will text your ex. This removes the problem of the drunken text or phone call when you are feeling sappy and reminiscing about your relationship that you have lost.

So, to save yourself from the embarrassment, download this app and turn it on when you know things may get out of hand later on.

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