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It takes courage to love someone profoundly and deeply. To be more at risk in your relationships, is to be more alive.

About Clayton Olson

Secretly, you feel like you won’t ever get it together, right?

You’re all over the place.

All of your relationships tend to end the same way and you’re tired of getting it wrong.

Allow me to help you get your head and your heart in harmony.

I’ve learned all about those dizzying circles we run in, when we’ve lost our way. I know because I was once where you are. After my dad died, I became acutely aware of all the little 'imps' in my head and my negative psychology became very apparent to me.  I committed to a journey of redefinition and purging to align myself once again.

Ever since, I’ve been studying something called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for over 10 years now.  That’s just a complicated way of saying, I study the human experience and how creating new behavioral patterns transform your life.

NLP was my introduction and catalyst to transforming who I was on a profound level. NLP granted me the tools to affect permanent change in my life as well as in the lives of others. I’ve also studied Strategic Invention through Robbins Madanes Center and led Social Dynamic workshops helping men solve confidence, body language, and dating issues.  I am certified through Coach Training Alliance for over two years.

Since then I’ve recognize in myself a firm passion for helping people of all walks of life with their relationships, love life , and dating. I have coached hundreds of men and women through breakups, and relationship reconciliation. With my guidance they found the empowerment to move forward in ways that were in agreement with their values.

One of the most powerful things I learned that I want to teach you, is how to ask yourself the right questions.  The right questions provide the pathway and power to invite new possibilities into your life. I want to reveal to you your power to author your own life and close chapters on behaviors and patterns incongruent with what you really, deeply want.

We will start with the basics and I will lead you through practical, measurable steps, to transform your mind, behavior and ultimately your life.  I’ve learned that our relationships are not simply relationships but, relation and reflection of and to our own psychology. When we change and transform so will our relationships. It will take courage, faith and outside of the box thinking for this shift to occur, but I already believe in your authority to change your outcomes.

When I’m not coaching. I spend time hiking the Denver, Colorado Mountains, traveling and doing adult gymnastics to stay fit and agile.

Clayton Olson Success Stories

Change Yourself, Change Your Relationships

Men in complicated relationships

Having said that you have change my world so much that I felt it was necessary to share with others that you can truly help them as well.more

Basically my story is a simple one. It is the common theme of a man that has lost the love of his life to another, and is completely crushed.  Showing no sign of belief that there is still a chance to be with her. Clayton opened my eyes to a completely different way of looking at my situation. Instead of believing I wasn't good enough, that the man that she left me for is better than me, Clayton changed the way I viewed my situation. 

See not only did I lose my confidence, but how I portrayed my current state directly effected the way I was showing up.  This way of thinking changes everything not just your romantic relationships.  He made me understand that only I can choose where I take my life.  In listening to Clayton I became "unflappable ". 

Stop caring of the outcome, and started to just have fun.  My ex saw this change in me, immediately, it made her extremely curious, and actually wanting me again.  In her eyes I was the old me again, not the needy, insecure person that I had become before.

Now although I have the women of my dreams back in my arms again I don't forget what I have learned and continue to learn from Clayton.  He truly is a great coach that constantly challenges me and my life dreams.  But that's not why I connect so well with him.  I connect well with Clayton because he truly cares about me! That isn't easily found in this world.


Pat, US

The Road To Reconciling With An Ex

Men seeking to start over in a relationship

I hope this encapsulates my true gratitude and appreciation for all your help... honestly words don't come close to how much you helped me.  I was actually really skeptical when we set up our first intro call... I almost canceled it, but then I thought "well it's free, so what the hell!"  I sensed right away that you had depth and I felt a connection with you and I liked your approach with me in your communications.  I felt like you could really help me pull my shit together.  And I'm so glad I listened to that instinct and invested in working with you.  It's been one of the best investments of my life and I'm entirely grateful that I had the chance to work with you and that you were there for me during this tough time.more

You are a wizard and a genius when it comes to coaching and relationships.  Thank you so much!  Honestly when I met you and started working with you I felt you are a gift from God... I still believe that.  I was at my wits end when we met.  I felt destroyed, depleted, lost... And you slowly helped build me back up..  You helped me achieve what my mind told me was impossible but my heart yearned for:  reconnecting with the woman who dumped me just a few months ago.  Now we are are back together in a more awesome relationship than we had before.  She is the one chasing me now and wanting me.... I can't express my level of gratitude for everything you've given me.  You've given me tools and helped me gain clarity on some of my major blind spots, which will enrich me for the rest of my life and allow me to create the relationships I really want.  You are amazing and I honestly feel that anyone is lucky to be able to work with you.

I remember working with you at the beginning as you coached me through the No Contact period, I was freaking out sometimes, and you helped me focus that energy into my own purpose.  You helped me get strong and fulfilled again within my own life and the results were amazing!  My business has been booming!  I remember when it was time for me to initiate contact with my ex after over 30 days of NC... I was so scared that I almost talked myself out of it. 

I already felt that I no longer needed her and that I could be happy without her.  But I contacted her anyways and it was one of the scariest things I ever did... I was so afraid of rejection or being hurt again... But following your advice what happened blew me away!  Instead of her rejecting me... She actually asked me out for a drink!  You helped me navigate this sensitive phase of reconnecting with her like a captain navigates around dangerous rocks at sea... And she grew closer and closer... She told me she missed me but she was also afraid of the pain our previous relationship caused us.  You helped me let go of the past and focus on building something new with her. You helped me focus on creating the foundation to the relationship I really want...

Now things are just awesome!  We're going on a 10 day vacation in Costa Rica this month and we're talking already about moving in together at some point in the future.  She's told me more times than I can count how much better our relationship is and how much I've changed.  And it's true, I feel it to.  I couldn't have done it without you my man.

Honestly if anyone gets a chance to work with you they are way more lucky than they know. You are truly a genius at this stuff.  You went above and beyond the call so many times to help me when I needed it most.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You are a godsend.

BR, Ottawa, Canada

Elena's Experience Starting Over With A Coach In Her Corner

Women starting over

When I first talked to Clayton I was in a place of fear- of myself, of being abandoned and had no focus and was essentially stuck in looking at the vapour trail behind me instead of piloting my own plane. more

Clayton is extremely perceptive in the way he knows what questions to ask to bring you out of that frame of mind, to direct you, to empower you to be the best that you can be.  I am still growing daily and my confidence has grown tremendously to enable me to make great leaps in my life stating with following my dreams. 

It has not always been an easy journey and I am still amazed how far I have come in the 4 months since I have been speaking and emailing Clayton.  This has all come from the knowledge that Clayton is fully supporting and encouraging me to see the endless possibilities that I have within. 

Thank you you're an inspiration and we will meet one day.

- Elena, UK

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